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Pokemon GO: Special Ditto Transformation Added & 27th Nest Migration Just Happened

Pokemon Go has added another surprise for attendees of Japan's Pikachu Outbreak Festival. Players are reporting that some Pikachu caught at the popular Pokemon-themed festival are transforming into Ditto.

Ditto was one of Pokemon Go's original secret Pokemon. While players hunted for Ditto for months, game developers didn't make the Pokemon available until November 2016. Ditto usually hides as common Pokemon like Pidgey, Sentret, and Magikarp and only transforms after players catch them.

The Pikachu Outbreak Festival is an annual event held in Yokohama, Japan. Hundreds of Pikachu descend on the city, parading and dancing for thousands of tourists. Ditto hiding as a Pikachu isn't totally without precedent. Last year, eagle-eyed visitors noticed one Pikachu walking around the festival with Pikachu's face. This year's Festival title also hinted that several of Pikachu's "friends" would also make an appearance at the event.

Ditto's surprise form is one of several Pikachu-themed Pokemon Go tie-ins at the event. Pokemon Go set up two special parks at the event, one filled with Kanto Pokemon and one filled with Johto Pokemon. Players can also catch Shiny Pikachu exclusively at the event, although they look nearly identical to non-Shiny Pokemon. Several special Raid Bosses (including Pikachu) have also appeared at the event.

The Pikachu Outbreak Festival runs through next Monday and will end with a major Pokemon Go event. Yokohama Stadium will transform into a special "Pokemon Go Stadium," although players don't know exactly once they enter it. It's believed that Pokemon Go will release a new Legendary Pokemon at the event, in part because the Pokemon Company is livestreaming coverage of the event on Monday.

In other PoGo news, without much fuss, the 27th Nest Migration has occurred, changing the species that spawns at your local Nests! As usual, go out and explore what’s new. This migration has also been followed by a mobile notification for those who have the game installed.

You can find and report your local Nests at The Silph Road Nest Atlas.

What are Pokemon GO Nests?

Pokemon GO Nests are small areas that consistently spawn a high amount of a specific Pokemon.

Be aware that following species are not available in Nests: