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Next Pokemon GO Event Details and Exclusive Features Revealed


the official Japanese Pokémon GO website has published a new post with more details about the upcoming Pokémon GO Park event in Yokohama, Japan.

The previously announced Pokémon GO Stadium event is taking place during the same timeframe (Aug 14).

The event is taking place in Yokohama Red Brick park and the Cup Noodle Museum Park which have now been renamed and repurposed as Kanto Park and Johto Park! In each of the respectable park areas Pokémon from the corresponding region will spawn more often.

The participants of the event will be chosen by a lottery system, which has never been done for earlier Pokemon GO events. The official event information says that Level 5 in Pokemon GO is the required minimum for participating Trainers, which indicates that Raids will be a part of the event.

Special event only 2KM eggs will be available at all of the event specific PokéStops, containing Pokémon which do not usually hatch from that egg group.

In addition, Mr.Mime and Farfetch’d will be available at the event, making this an excellent opportunity for Asian and Australian travellers.