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New Pesky Bug Discovered While Playing Raids in Pokemon GO

So after hearing that there's a new bug which makes Raid to cause network errors at gyms, I spent almost an hour (lvl 37) trying to take down a gym while battling through countless network errors, while testing out different theories:

  1. It's not due to gps drift. Neither of us drifted during the entire time
  2. It's not due to phone time setting. Both of us are on auto time.
  3. It's not due to phone type. One iPhone, one Android
  4. It's not due to network connection switching: she was always on full bars of LTE. I played around with turning on/off LTE, and reset via airplane mode. No difference

With those basic things out of the way, here are some real observations. Hopefully YOU GUYS CAN use this to find the bug:

  1. It seems that only one person can battle the gym. Whenever the other tries to enter the fight, both of us would error out and get kicked out of the gym. There are times where the ghost of the other player is still there, that's acceptable by the gym.
  2. Error is due to gym time running significantly slower than real time. There were many many fights that wouldn't end when the defender was at 0 health, and time kept on ticking down. After each time, we had to quit and restart the app. If/when we finally get back in, the time left in battle is less and less, until if finally reaches 0. For example: say I beat the defender with 60s left. Next time I come back in, the fight may start with 40s remaining, and the defender would not die. I quit the app and come back again, this time it may start with 15s left on the clock, and my lvl 35 ttar may be "instant killed" without actually getting hurt. Next time I reset the app, the ttar is back to full health. Eventually, the defender time runs out, and defender loses motivation.
  3. So now that we know the end result, what triggers this time synchronization error? It's due to launching of the charge move. We weren't able to do sufficient testing to see if the defender triggers this error too (we beat that gym), but we know as a fact that attaker's charge move will trigger the time problem. We suspect that defender can trigger it too. If the attacker only uses fast move, the defender would die normally... (testing this requires overwhelming force... e.g. A 3300ttar vs a 1000 defender with a single charge move, so we didn't have enough defenders left for additional testing)

Since it easily takes an hour to take down a simple gym, we didn't have the time or patience to do additional testing. Maybe rest of the community can corroborate my "theories" and help Niantic resolve this problem.

Note: Forgot to mention... there were at least 2 instances where even though I got "network errors", the defender died normally. This could be due to defender launching charge moves... didn't happen often enough to come up with a theory as to why.


Don't fight the same gym for 2 days after legendary raid, or be ridiculously patient and only attack using fast moves.