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World of Warcraft First Ever Solo Vault of the Wardens +17

Mione's at it again, never stopping the boundary pushing with Vengeance. This time around it's Vault of the Wardens' turn, specifically a +17 Sanguine, Volcanic and Fortified version. Plus seventeen. Obviously at these levels it's impossible to solo it in time, so just being able to finish is an amazing feat in itself!

Yes, that's +17. Not a typo.

That first miniboss is absolutely fucking brutal on Fortified. Cordana herself is also brutal, even without Fortified.

For future reference, at this keystone level, trash (incl. minibosses) have around +450% HP and +500% damage, while bosses sit around +360% hp and damage. Current itemlevel is 930ish.

Spent roughly 4 hours wiping on the first miniboss (tested various strats/legendary combos..), around 4 hours clearing to Cordana with a few wipes here and there to 1st and 2nd boss, and another 4 hours on Cordana herself.

I think DHT would be the easiest dungeon and I could maybe do even higher there (unless I'm missing something), but alas even a full week of m+ spam never netted me a DHT key... and as usual, the first decent dungeon I got through fishing m+ keys was... Wardens. It's always Wardens....

The key went something like BRH, MoS, BRH, Lower KZ, Neltharion, Cathedral, BRH, Arcway, Azshara, Lower KZ, Wardens.... no DHT, no HoV, no CoS... at this point I just gave in and did Wardens despite my reluctance.

Logs (the log is absolutely butchered by zoning in/out in order to respec/repair/etc, so good luck analyzing anything): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/krGyZdgXAcjTR3t6/

Shout out to Zayele for speeding up the Cordana process with a good idea.

Not much left to say other than keep going! Perhaps Mione can enter the Mythic Dungeon Invitational as a solo team? Sure it's technically not finished in time, but surely that's a minor detail!

(Header image by RDurandArt.)