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Pokemon GO Legendaries Max CP/Stats and New Glitch Discovered!

Wondering what the stats and max CP are for Legendaries Articuno and Lugia? Here is information that will be helpful to you.


Here are the max CP stats for an Articuno that you might catch after a Legendary Raid battle, according to stats gathered by Redditor DontheFirst:
  • Max CP at Level 20: 1676
  • Max CP at Level 30: 2514
  • Max CP at Level 39: 2891
  • Max CP: 2933, Attack 192, Defense 249, Stamina 180, DEF x STA 44820
As some trainers are learning, Articuno can be a great ice Pokemon and could be valuable for certain raids. But as Redditor saqwedcxz noted, only a few of the Tier 3+ Raid Bosses are weak to ice, and even for those ice isn’t the most efficient counter. The raid bosses weak to ice are Venusaur, Rhydon. Zapdos, and Lugia.

Articuno’s CP is the highest of all Ice Pokemon.


Here are the max CP stats for a Lugia that you might catch after a Legendary Raid battle, according to stats gathered by Redditor DontheFirst:
  • Max CP at Level 20: 2056
  • Max CP at Level 30: 3084
  • Max CP at Level 39: 3547
  • Maximum CP: 3598, Attack 193, Defense 323, Stamina 212, DEF x STA 68476.
Interestingly, trainers have discovered that the Lugias given to people who attended Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago are not perfect Level 20s, but are Level 19.5.

Some trainers believe that powering Lugia up is definitely worthwhile. One trainer, Redditor akodoreign, noted that after powering Lugia up to 3006 and teaching him two psychic moves, Lugia is a great choice in a Machamp raid. Some trainers say that a perfect moveset for Lugia is Extrasensory and Future Sight, but others like Sky Attack better than Future Sight. Redditor waldo56, for example, believes that Sky Attack is better because it has a higher weave DPS, is quicker, and has more flexibility.

Redditor saqwedcxz noted that Lugia’s biggest issue is lack of DPS, since many trainers like high DPS attackers. “Probably the best way to use Lugia is if you want to go through a full level 6 gym without switching Pokemon. But it will be slower than using high DPS or type advantaged attackers.”

Lugia has the second highest CP of all obtainable Pokemon, second only behind Tyranitar.

On other news, the saga of Pokemon GO Fest strangeness continues. Following major service problems and a ton of technical issues, the summer event was stamped as a total failure. Niantic, in attempts to remedy fans’ disappointment, announced that all players who attended Pokemon GO Fest would receive full ticket refunds, $100 in PokeCoins, and a free Lugia. Though attendees have been all smiles after finding a shiny new Pokemon sitting in their account, happiness quickly turned to confusion when users noticed that the Lugia has an odd IV-related glitch.

In Pokemon lore, each Pokemon has what are known as individual value stats (also known as IVs) which determine a Pokemon’s strength in comparison to others of the same species. When gearing up for battle, players can reference attack IVs to see which Pokemon has a better chance of winning. Within Pokemon GO, users often check the IVs of each Pokemon they encounter and obtain through IV appraisal programs, most of which use Combat Power stats and the game’s built-in appraisal system.

As aforementioned, every Pokemon has IVs and all can be appraised – except for the legendary bird Lugia that was provided after Pokemon Go Fest. A newly discovered glitch denies players the opportunity to appraise their new Lugia right off the bat. Reports state that third-party IV checkers have been unable to identify an IV combination for the Lugia when they’re first brought in by Niantic. Understandably, this can cause confusion and a bit of frustration in players who rely on IV appraisals to shape and enhance their Pokemon GO gameplay experience.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. There’s a quick solution for users who want to know Lugia’s IVs exclusively. Players simply need to power up their Lugia, a simple fix that appears to clear away the strange glitch and restore Lugia to a trackable CP stat.

It looks like what was intended to serve as an acknowledgement of error and an apology for Pokemon GO Fest ended up being yet another issue players had to deal with. Unfortunately, for many players, the irony of it all isn’t exactly surprising. Many of Pokemon GO global events and gatherings have been underwhelming at best and complete disasters at worse, with recent memory citing the Pokemon Sun & Moon worldwide mission in which users failed to meet their target of 1,000,000 Pokemon captured by almost half.

Though Niantic CEO John Hanke recently issued a statement explaining why Pokemon Go Fest had so many issues, and despite the Lugia glitch having an easy solution, these mistakes could very well seem to be tarnishing the reputation of Pokemon GO and the game’s future events moving forward.