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For Honor Changing Defensive Meta and Removing Guaranteed Guard Breaks After Parries

For Honor's current defensive meta won't be as strong, according to Ubisoft, and you'll no longer get guaranteed Guard Breaks following successful parries.

The defensive meta in For Honor continues to dominate in 1v1 scenarios, but also has a negative effect on the overall game experience. Waiting for guaranteed openers is the smart way to fight, but the defensive meta draws match out too long, so the developers want to create more opportunities to engage.

On a similar note, waiting to parry attacks will no longer be as effective. Right now you have the opportunity to get a guaranteed Guard Break on any heavy attack you parry, as well as some light attacks. This played into the defensive meta's rise, and was too punishing for the attacker. You should still be able to launch a few quick light attacks to punish your opponent after you've parried them.


Light Parry frame advantage is reduced to be consistent with Heavy Parry.
Guard Break is no longer guaranteed.
Parrying too early consistently opens up your defense.

Guard Break

All attack startups from 0ms to 100ms have Guard Break vulnerability.
This means you could potentially get a Guard Break on your opponent, if you act right as they begin their attack wind-up. 100ms is not much time at all, so hitting the Guard Break will require you to guess when your opponent plans to launch an attack.


Stamina Regen on Block and on Dodge is now paused.
Out of Stamina state makes players more vulnerable.
Getting hit by Melee attacks when out of Stamina doesn't drain Stamina, it only pauses the regeneration.

Chip Damage

Chip Damage increased to 18% for any attack.


Revenge activation can't be interrupted by melee attacks.
Incoming melee attacks don't interrupt attack startups.
Outgoing melee attacks don't unbalance enemies.
Shield is increased to 70% of your HP (up from 50%).
Outgoing attacks cannot be parried.


Removed Zone Attack input buffer.
Within the live servers, Ubisoft is also hosting a special game mode event. Beginning tomorrow, July 21 to July 24, you can play in Realistic Dominion. You'll have no HUD, no radar, no gear stats, and you won't be able to revive any teammates. You're going to have to tap into your experience playing against each class to read the direction of each incoming attack and know when the hits are going to land if you want to win in this event.

You will receive the usual rewards after every match, though you will not be awarded War Assets to assign on the Faction War map. Ubisoft also stated there are two special orders coming for this event, but the developers did not detail the requirements.

Ubisoft looks to release For Honor Update 1.10 on July 25 for all platforms, but the coming patch may not have all the changes listed above.