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For Honor 1.09 Update Revenge and Order Changes Detailed

Update 1.09 is coming to For Honor in nearly two weeks for consoles, though PC may come a week early to ensure the patch runs smoothly. As the developers stated during their weekly livestream, For Honor's next patch is mostly quality of life improvements, but there are notable adjustments coming to Revenge and Orders. Update 1.09 rolls out on July 13.


Some Orders naturally take longer to complete, but do not reward you significantly more. To counteract this, Ubisoft is rebalancing some of the rewards to incentivize you based on the amount of effort you put into them.

There are also more Orders with simpler objectives and redesigned them to make them easier to stack, meaning you can complete multiple Orders at once. In addition, you should find less Orders tied to specific game modes, so you don't feel forced to play only Skirmish or Elimination or otherwise in any given day.


Revenge has planned adjustments within two separate patches. Update 1.09 will change the way you gain Revenge, building up differently depending on the scenario. You should gain less Revenge when you're in 1vX scenarios than you have before.

This will effectively reduce the amount of clutches as you'll no longer have the Revenge build-up to constantly spam it.

The second change for Revenge comes during For Honor's Season Three Update and will adjust the Revenge State overall. Ubisoft is implementing changes to the crowd control aspects, though they did not expressly define the adjustments.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Colorblind options are finally around the corner and will come in the next patch.
  • Your ornament's material will now default to match your helmet material.
  • Also in the customization menus, you can apply any of your four emblems to use on your class' armor, which means you'll no longer be restricted to the one you've selected.
  • There are more colors from the Neutral section of the color palettes coming to Attacker and Defender color palettes.
  • You will now be invulnerable for four seconds after you respawn.
  • You will no longer regain stamina on ladders. When you slide down a ladder it will keep you in the slide animation for at least 300ms and cost you 25 stamina.
  • This is to prevent players sliding all the way down a ladder, just until they reach the bottom. If a player's feet never touches the ground before wouldn't lose any stamina.
  • The Face-off Screen will now show your skill compared to each of the other players in the lobby. The lobby will also no longer display specific hero reputation, and will instead show overall reputation levels across all heroes.
  • Multiple Centurion ganking will be nerfed with For Honor Season Three. It's important to note that this nerf will not affect the class in 1v1 situations.

For Honor Update 1.09 will roll out on July 13.