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Big Changes to Samuro in Heroes of the Storm Detailed

Senior Game Designer on Heroes of the Storm said Samuro's talents have a lot of issues right now and his AA build is outperforming other builds. A talent overhaul is coming, but not in the immediate future.

Aiming for the patch after Garrosh? We'll see.

Current Issues & Skill Ceiling
  • AA build outperforms other builds and the multiplicative synergy makes builds inflexible.
  • Samuro currently has a variety of bugs and control issues related to Images that they hope to iron out.
  • Samuro's "E" build is weak, but talent structure needs to change before they're able to buff it.
  • Taking the more difficult talents should be at least a few % more effective than someone taking the AA talents.
  • Blizzard doesn't want there to be a single optimal build in high-level play, but Samuro's an exception.
  • Illusion Master gives him a high skill-ceiling that most players will never realistically reach and the team thinks his talent design isn't doing enough to reward players who strive to reach that ceiling.
  • Other examples of high ceiling-rewarding for plays like Samuro's Illusion Master are
  • Wizened Duelist on Greymane
  • Snipe Master on Nova
  • Locked and Loaded on Tracer
  • Convection on Kael'thas
  • Master's Touch on Medivh
  • The spell feels too mandatory for Medivh and it's something they should improve.
  • The general intent is that there can sometimes be talents that are risky to take and hard touse to their full potential, but players who rise to the challenge and succeed should be rewarded for doing so.
  • On average, the hero's overall power should remain stable.

"E" Build
  • His "E" build was meant to be Samuro's slippery build and when evaluating talent power, they're taking mobility into account. 
  • The build relies heavily on talents that are highly beneficial to his other builds, which prevents them from being easily buffed, which is why talents need to be re-structured to keep everything that's cool about the build now, while tuning the "E" build up to be a more competitive choice.
  • Another thing is that the "E" build was viable when Samuro came out, but its core talents played a big role in inflating his other builds' win rates, so they (and Wind Walk itself) got nerfed.

Stealth Hero Changes
  • Blizzard's "planning" to change Stealth heroes and a shift toward utility is a potential direction, nothing's set in stone though.