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Berry Feeding Timings and Limit in Pokemon GO Detailed

So just like the rest of you, I have been trying to feed tons and tons of berries to get as much stardust as I can get my hands on. Trying to feed friendly gyms kept giving me the error message, so I did a bit of research.


Feeding Time Started
Number of berries
Feeding Duration
7 minutes
8 minutes

I have two gyms close by and this morning both gyms had 6 mons with maximum time decay, so I could feed without fully replenishing their CP. I started at 7:13am and feed 10 berries to each pokemon in the first gym (60 berries total). I then hoofed it to the second gym and was able to feed 40 more berries to 4 of the pokemon in the second gym before receiving the "Red Error Bar". Every 1 minute I tried to feed the 5 mon another berry. Right at the 30 minute mark I was able to start feeding again. I fed the last pokemon in the second gym 20 berries. Then I tried to feed one of the other 4 pokemon in the second gym berries and was only given the golden raspberry as an option. Which means the mon was still full. I went back to the first gym and was able to feed 10 berries to each mon in the first gym, 60 berries in total. I then went back to the second gym and fed 20 more berries and then received the "Red Error Bar".

Overall, with this basic research it seems that there is a 30 minute timer on each pokemon and a 30 minute timer on the traveler with a maximum of 100 berries within those 30 minutes.

Note: I did not use any golden raspberries.


I realized that after feeding each Pokemon in one gym (6) and heading to a new gym, I always got the error on the 5th Pokemon. After testing it a few more times, it looks like the limit on berry feeding is for unique Pokemon and not a certain number of berries. I went to a bunch of gyms that were just shy of full motivation and fed each Pokemon a single berry. I then biked to another close gym and did the same thing. After 10 total berries fed on 10 unique Pokemon, I still got the error message on the 11th Pokemon I tried within 30 minutes.

I hope that helps any of you frustrated about why you are getting an error message.


You can only feed 10 unique Pokemon in 30 minutes up to 10 berries each. The key takeaway here is that the limit is per Pokemon and not about total number of berries.

You can end up feeding anywhere from 10-100 berries before getting the error message. So if you're going for maximum berry feeding, only feed the ones with low motivation that you can squeeze 10 feedings into each Pokemon.