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Why You Should Main Orisa as a Tank Right Now in Overwatch

Overwatch's Orisa was designed to be an anchor tank that players could build around, but when she debuted, she was having trouble fulfilling that role. Not so anymore. Following the debut of Patch 1.11, Orisa is blocking nearly 22% more damage on average according to Omnic Meta.

This is thanks to the lowered cooldown on her barrier, which was buffed by 50% - quite the dramatic shift, and one that leads to teams being covered from more angles with more barriers to use.

This puts her far out in front of Reinhardt at every tier of play, and even further than every other tank in the game.

That's far from the only change she received, though. Her damage was also reduced by 9% from her fusion driver, meaning she traded in offensive for defensive capabilities. According to Omnic Meta, this didn't affect her as much, only really seeing a dropoff in Eliminations at the Grandmaster level. She ended up with a huge net gain in the meta as a result, and should likely be considered by players who specialize in Reinhardt as a secondary.

Orisa's win rates back this up, as her win rate has gone up in most tiers, except for Grandmaster, where she's down 4%. This is likely because Grandmaster players have better aim, and therefore the damage reduction on every single bullet hurts a bit more.

Hanzo's also gotten a nice boost in this patch, with his increased charge speed, as Grandmaster level players have climbed in win rate by 5%. Soldier 76 was hurt the most in the patch changes, with his win rate falling across all tiers.