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Warframe: Killing Trinity Specter at Ceres Junction in 35 Seconds

You're here because of one thing: You are sick and tired of dying against the Trinity Specter. I know that this junction boss is seemingly impossible to be at first, specially when you are a newbie player in Warframe but the fact is, this thing is really easy to beat if you have the right Warframe.

So let's begin.

What you need

First thing you need is the right Warframe. Now I know you often go as Excalibur but for this task, I'm recommending Volt. This Warframe is perfect for this Junction Boss because of his abilities. 

Bonus: Also, you can use Boltor as your primary weapon for this one. Well, I think Boltor is the the best starting prmiary weapon in Warframe. 

How do you kill Trinity Specter in 35 seconds

It's really easy. The important thing you need to remember when dealing with Trinity Specter as Volt is that you should use your second and fourth ability wisely. 

Step 1: First you need to be mid-range. DO NOT GO NEAR TRINITY AS SHE WILL OFTEN CAST THAT ABILITY WHICH DRAINS YOUR ENERGY. When you find the perfect mid-range spot, cas your second ability to deploy your shield.
Step 2: When your shield is up. Time to dish out some damage using your Boltor. Hit Specter Trinity until her life goes half.
Step 3: Once her life is at half, dash towards her and cast your fourth skill which basically paralyzes this junction boss. Take note that you should do this flawlessly so that Trinity Specter will not cast her spell which regenerates all her energy and vitality.

Step 4: Kill her with your Boltor.

You can watch my video guide below for a demonstration on how to do this simple trick: