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Top 5 Average CP Pokemon that Can Counter Blissey in Pokemon GO

So I have look into different experiments about the best counters for the top prestiger now in Pokemon GO, Blissey. And I find out that most trainers prefer Tyranitar, Dragonite and Machamp as the top counters for Blissey. Well, obviously these Pokemon are really tough and can really bang with Blissey but the question is, what if you don't have these Pokemon on your deck? What if they are in gym or worse, what if you don't have one? So, you need to hunt one first before you can take down Blissey in a gym? Well for me, the answer is no.

There are Pokemon you don't usually use to fight against Blissey but are actually good counter against it. And to top that, you don't need these Pokemon to be that high CP as Machamp, Dragonite and Tyranitar.

First, let's make some assumptions:

  1. Perfect IV Level 30 vs Level 30
  2. "Realistic" Dodging
  3. Can win in a 1 on 1 in the time limit given
  4. Regionals not accounted for (sorry Heracross)

1. Exeggutor

Ideal Movesets: ES/SBeam, C/SBeam, ES/SBomb, ES/SBomb

This guy is my go to mon when facing Blisseys. Strong overall stats (233/158/190), meaning he can take some hits from Blissey while dealing a fair amount of damage, too. His Psychic typing is also helpful against Blissey's with Psychic moves. If you're not a great dodger too this is who you want to use. Need more eggs.

2. Scizor

Ideal Movesets: FC/XS, FC/IH, BP/XS

Scizor's steel typing and fast quick and charge moves make it ideal for dodging while dealing a good amount of damage. If you look at his base stats, it's actually quite similar to Exeggutor surprsingly (236/191/140 vs 233/158/190). Steel typing is resistant to Normal and Psychic moves, too. The rounding down of FC may however reduce Scizor's quick move damage noticeably lower though.


Ideal Movesets: FS/OH, FS/FT

I remember having an early release of best attackers and got some flame (haha) for putting Flareon above the beloved Arcanine, but I kid you not, Flareon with Fire Spin is really strong. Flareon has an attack stat that is only 5 less than Tyranitar at 246, pretty decent Defense at 204, but low Stamina at 130. She is a strong attacker that will do well if you can keep up your dodging.

4. Espeon

Ideal Moveset: C/FS

Similar to Flareon, Espeon has a super high attack stat (261), but is a bit low on Stamina (130). With this moveset however, she can deal serious damage to Blissey. Psychic Typing again is useful for Blisseys with Psychic Moves.

5. Alakazam

Ideal Movesets: PC/FS, PC/FB

If you have a phone that doesn't lag and are able to dodge fairly well. Alakazam is your go to guy. His Psychic typing again is good against Blissey's with Psychic Moves, and although he is a glass cannon (Stamina 110), he can deal some serious damage (Attack 271). Consider him a more glass cannon version of Espeon. The charge move here is important, FS is the strongest Psychic move and Focus Blast isn't bad either since it has Fighting-type (good against Normal).

Other Pokemon that can defeat Blissey:
  • Pinsir (BB/XS, FC/XS)
  • Arcanine (FF/FT)
  • Ursaring (C/HB)
  • Charizard (FS/OH)