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Players Discover New Sun Darter Hatchling Pet in World of Warcraft

Even though the Fishing Reputation NPC recently discovered by WoW Secrets on Discord was removed in a hotfix, the community has come up together and discovered how to obtain the Sun Darter HatchlingSun Darter Hatchling fairie dragon pet.

The puzzle is similar to Riddler's Mind Worm and if you have Alchemy, you can make some decent gold, because various Elixirs and Alchemy Potions must be used to solve the Winterspring cave puzzle. The pet is tradable.
Sun Darter Hatchling Animation

How to Obtain the Pet
  • In Winterspring, there's a cave called Cave of Consumption. (57, 16)
  • Once you enter the cave, you won't be able to cast any spells (Consuming Silence)

The cave is full of riddles and you will need several Alchemy potions and consumables to get through, so before you go there, make sure to get

1. Alchemy Potions
  • 1x Ethereal Oil
  • 1x Major Arcane Protection Potion
  • 1x Major Fire Protection Potion
  • 1x Major Frost Protection Potion
  • 1x Major Holy Protection Potion
  • 1x Major Nature Protection Potion
  • 1x Major Shadow Protection Potion

2. 10x Pygmy Oil

3. 10x Noggenfogger Elixir that can be bought from Sprinkle Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan (Tanaris) - the fastest way to get there is by taking the Caverns of Time portal from Dalaran's Portal Room

4. Scotty's Lucky Coin from Scotty in Townlong Steppes

5. Dire Brew from Blackrock Depths

6. Gordok Ogre Suit by completing the Dire Maul dungeon quest The Gordok Ogre Suit

7. "Little Princess" Costume purchased from Battle Pet Masters in Dalaran (Lio the Lioness - Alliance //  Serr'ah - Horde) for 1x Pet CharmPet Charm

8. Perky Pug obtained by completing Looking For MultitudesLooking For Multitudes

9. Scroll of Intellect crafted by scribes

If you have all of the items listed above, make sure to read the full guide or join WoW Secrets and read pinned posts to discover how to get past all obstacles.

You'll find Sun Darter HatchlingSun Darter Hatchling at the end of the cave.
Screenshot Credits go to Kriellya from WoW Secrets on Discord