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Overwatch's Annoying Sombra Translocator Bug Still Not Fixed!

Last month, Sombra main Yixist reported on the official Overwatch forums that whenever they tried escaping using Sombra’s translocator ability, and an enemy would happen to hit her in the space between using the ability and getting to the far away location, you would still receive the damage and potentially die if you were low health.
“When translocating back to safety, an opponent is able to attack the space you were just in and kill you, with you dying at the translocator position far away from the fight. This doesn't seem to just be lag or client side, as there can be a considerable delay before they attack the spot, the animation plays in full, and even when resurrected I reappear in the place I was trying to return to, confirming I did in fact die after arrival.“
The forum thread did not receive any response from a Blizzard official.

It also appears that the bug was known to the Overwatch dev team since March. Overwatch player Shokio asked Principal Designer Geoff Goodman about this issue, and received a response shortly thereafter.
“Some of this is just latency but we think there still might be some kind of underlying bug here as well. We've tried to fix this a few times but it hasn't gone away.  
For the record though this is not intended. It should behave similar to Tracer's Recall. This problem isn't because the effect has a duration (or 'teleport delay' as you mentioned), as Recall also has a duration and doesn't have this same problem. 
We're still actively trying to track down and solve this problem.”
Fast-forward to yesterday, Reddit user /u/ImCovino shared a video demonstrating that the bug is still very much present in the game.

According to a comment from /u/Troybone on the reddit post, the Overwatch developers have been unsuccessfully trying to fix it ever since the bug came to light. The translocator ability is meant to act like Tracer’s recall ability but apparently doesn’t, though giving Sombra 0.5s of invulnerability would probably do the trick.