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Overwatch: Reinhardt Changes and New Reticle Colors in Patch 1.12

Blizzard wants to get across with adding new reticle colors and options to the game. In addition, they'll be making great changes to Reinhardt when patch 1.12 comes.

But that doesn't mean that it's going to be infinitely customizable, not yet at least. That's why Game Director Jeff Kaplan needs some help picking:
"A few weeks ago I responded to a thread on the forums asking for additional reticle options. So now we're working on some new customization options for an upcoming patch. We'll provide more details as we get closer to PTR. But in the meantime, we're looking to add more color options for you. I know many will request a straight up color-picker. While we think that's a killer idea, it's simply out of scope for what we can deliver on this pass."
He's even looking for exact RGB color values, so it seems that if a color is suggested that the team likes and they can make look good, it could end up in Overwatch as an option.

Here are the reticles currently available in the game:

When the crosshair options issue first came up, users wanted crosshairs that are more similar to CS:GO or Team Fortress 2. Having the crosshair types from these games makes it a little easier for players to transition over to Overwatch. 

Also a couple of weeks ago, Overwatch tank mains were in a tizzy. Specifically, ever since the Anniversary patch, Reinhardt's hammer has been feeling the old German warrior's age. It was slow to respond, heavily affected by ping, and overall not nearly as responsive as it needs to be in the middle of a fight.

Per Warnecke's comments at the time, that was not supposed to happen. Worse yet, unlike Genji's own melee-range latency antics, it's not as if Reinhardt gets any unforeseen mechanical advantages at low ping either. It's nothing but a drawback to his play. But given Bill's comments today, we will finally soon see it fixed:
Hey folks, we've made some fixes for Reinhardt's hammer in the upcoming 1.12 release. We'll monitor for feedback after you get a chance to try it out and make additional changes then if necessary.
Thanks for your patience, sorry this one has taken us a while, it's been a bit complicated.
Notably: this is also the patch implementing the new Horizon Lunar Colony map, Reaper's vampiric mechanical changes, and Roadhog trading one-shot-kills for a more consistent spray-down of damage. McCree players will especially have reasons to celebrate, given the buffs to his ult to make it more consistent (and less trivial to dodge).

  • Targets now begin locking on after 0.2 seconds, instead of 0.8 seconds.
  • Damage accumulated over the first 1.0 seconds increased from 20 to 80 (damage per second after the first 1.0 seconds is unchanged).

Controversially, this will also be the patch to put Oni Genji and Officer D.Va into classic loot boxes. While additions to Overwatch's core content's usually appreciated, this does rather negate the effort spent in Heroes of the Storm to get the same skins.

As Patch 1.12 isn't expected quite yet, that means Overwatch's Reinhardt mains will still have to deal with the lag issues for a little while longer.