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New Overwatch Hero Leaked, Horizon Lunar Colony Map Confirmed

There are two big news today on Overwatch: One is that there will a new map called Horizon Lunar Colony. And two, there's a possibility that a new hero will be release along with the new map.

In a recent thread in 4chan, a leaker revealed that a new map will be coming to this June. It will be based inside the Horizon Lunar Colony (also the name of the new map) and it's considered to be a 2CP map, wherein you'll fight to secure an control room, and an air-lock. But the most exciting part about this new map is it has small areas wherein gravity is reduced. And also, Custom games will now have a gravity setting.
In addition to the map, the leaker also revealed that there will be a new hero along-side with the map release. The new hero will be a Chimpanzee with cybernetic enhancements, and will be an addition to the support heroes of Overwatch. It was also said that this new hero has the ability to place anchor points that connect to form a barrier and placing a stun beacon. The barrier drops after taking too much damage, but unless an anchor point is destroyed, it comes back up.

As for the name of the hero, there was no absolute details about it but there's a certain image leak that shows looks like a specimen training module, that shows two missing specimen: One is Winston, and the other one is named Hammond. So yeah, basically the new hero is Hammond.

The leak also reveals an upcoming animated short which will showcase the new hero and map. Also, we can expect that this short will give a background to the new map, the new hero and how did Winston ended up on Earth.

Lastly, there will be new skins added to the normal loot pool, the best of which include astronaut suits, spaced themed voice lines and sprays will also be put into the loot pool, and Tracer gets a cool Portal reference voice line.

All of these new stuff will be added on the next PTR of Overwatch, which is schedule on June 6th.