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Gamebreaking Bug on Overwatch's Lunar Colony Discovered

There is currently a game breaking bug on Overwatch's newest map, Horizon Lunar Colony. Players have reported issues that they will lose audio for enemy footsteps, gunfire, and certain ultimates. According to Feywhelps, the sound loss occurs randomly after death and the only fix is to completely restart Overwatch.

Any loss in audio disrupts gameplay and places your whole team at a disadvantage. When you are unable to hear the sound cues for enemies or their abilities, you won't be able to react or stop their attacks as effectively.

What's more, limiting yourself to only the visual cues hinders your function as a teammate. You won't hear any callouts from your teammates, assuming they're using the voice chat, nor will you be able to coordinate your offense (or defense) when you're working a different angle than your team.

Blizzard is aware of the issue, but they've yet to find a true solution. "We know it's impactful and annoying," lead software engineer Bill Warnecke replied on Reddit. "We're working on fixes for it but I don't have an ETA yet."

Game breaking issues such as this are usually handled quickly by the developers and generally have a solution by the next patch. However, because this audio bug nearly destroys the balance of the game, Blizzard may implement a hot fix as soon as it's ready, just as with Orisa's Supercharger bug.

For now, if you lose audio on Horizon Lunar Colony, you may want to restart Overwatch as soon as possible. You may lose the current round if you're playing in Competitive, but it's probably a better option than keeping your team at a disadvantage throughout both rounds. For Quick Play on the other hand, you might as well stay and finish the match since the map will rotate after one round.

But that's not the most game-breaking bug in the Lunar Colony. The video below showcase an out of map bug which literally allows player to go over the lunar colony map. Just watch how totally game-breaking this bug below.