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Comprehensive Guide on Lua: Pavlov Spy Mission in Warframe

Lua's spy mission, Pavlov, is one of the most difficult spy missions in Warframe. However, when armed with the knowledge to complete this mission it can also be one of the most fun and most rewarding. For this reason, I'd like to explain how to make the most out of your Pavlov runs.

So, you've decided to run Pavlov. You begin by running to the first vault. You will either find a button or a terminal before entering vault A. This guide will assume you find a button at the entrance of your first vault.

The process of the vault is detailed in the album, but for those who may not have time to look at it I’ll provide a condensed version.

When entering the vault, you will want to go through the portal and then interact with the terminal in front of you. Shoot the portal back open and go through the door to your left (be careful of the drone). Bullet jump through the lasers to the platform on the right. From the far edge of the platform (be careful of another drone) bullet jump around the orb lasers and glide into the hole in the wall. In this room, you will want to bullet jump towards the protruding wall on the left and then jump and glide to the protrusion on the adjacent wall. Lastly, from this protrusion you will want to jump and glide into the hole in the wall on the same side you came in on. This will lead to a broken terminal, walking through the portal in the room will take you to the working terminal.

Terminal Vault: http://imgur.com/a/0kZ5O

The process of this vault is mentioned in the album above, but here is another condensed version.

When entering the vault, you will see a staircase to the right, proceed towards it and be careful of the lasers at the top. Avoid the lasers and proceed through the door. Look down and fall into the portal. Drop down onto the outcroppings near the floor, but make sure not to touch the electrified floor or the portion of the wall that is electrified as they will stumble you and deal massive damage. Bullet jump and glide through the holes under the platforms and onto the next outcropping on the floor. Do this until you reach the end of the hallway. You will then find a large room with a laser wall and a staircase. Proceed to the top of the staircase, step on the pressure plate, then move to the bottom and through the stasis floor area as quickly as you can before it closes again, this will lead to the terminal. If you want to see the amount of time you will be given, step on the plate and just watch for it all to close again. Note that this will cause the death orbs to be active, so you will want to shoot the plungers off of them before pressing the plate again.

Vault C is different than the other vaults in that this configuration is always vault C, it will never be vault A or B. Note that the crates in vault C have a high chance to drop mods such as Rage. The process for clearing vault C is again detailed in the album above, and here is the final condensed version.

When you enter vault C turn right and shoot the button above the door. Proceed through the portal and hack the terminal. Shoot the semi-circle at the top of the furthest hanging pillar to make it drop. Go back through the initial portal. Proceed through the hole in the floor that is now present at the site of the fallen pillar. Enter the portal and interact with the terminal, causing the column to fall. Look through the hole in the ceiling and see a closed portal, open it by shooting it. Go through the now-opened portal. Proceed through the hole in the floor and jump across the chasm. Proceed into the portal and shoot the barrel, then go through the portal again. Go through the hole in the ceiling while watching for lasers at the top. Go through the door, then jump over the lasers blocking the door on the left. Go the end of that room, and watch for the laser before crossing into the large room. Proceed to the other side of the large room and enter the portal, immediately looking up and shooting the button. Proceed through the portal again and shoot the new explosive barrel. Go through the hole that has opened and go through the portal. Hack the terminal, shoot the button, proceed through the portal. Destroy the explosive barrel and go through the hole. Avoid the new portal and instead go to the right to destroy the barrel around the back of the rock. Now go through the portal. Instead of checking out the room that has been broken open, proceed to the terminal room and destroy the crates behind the panels to the left and right. Hack the terminal, then proceed back to the room that was broken open. Loot it, and finish the mission.

Note that there can be spawns for various rooms that will give the Drift series of mods through Pavlov, in addition to a room that will spawn the Octavia chassis when complete with a low chance to spawn a complete forma in a separate crate. Note that the Speed test may not spawn at all on Pavlov, as I have yet to see it in all the runs I’ve done on it (I didn’t keep track but I’d assume it’s somewhere around 100-200 runs). Also, note that sentients do not spawn on Pavlov, if you want them go to Plato.

I hope this guide helps, I’d noticed that some of the other guides for this mission did not detail the other possible paths through the vaults and I felt the need to rectify that. I hope you all come to enjoy Lua, and specifically Pavlov as much as I do. If you want guides like to this to other spy missions, feel free to ask. If there is enough demand for it I will try to make guides for each of them.

Vault C Original Path: http://imgur.com/a/jITx3

The vault C path that most people will come across can be seen in the album above.

To take this route, you want to go into the portal that you first come across after shooting the button above the door you encounter at the beginning of the vault. You then want to cross the room to find a locked door. There will be a panel in the floor that will rise when you get near it, and it will have a terminal. Hack the terminal to unlock the door. Cross the hallway and you will find yourself at another door, this one having lasers. The door will open when you come close and shooting the button inside the room will shut down the door lasers but cause the other lasers in the room to become mobile, moving back and forth throughout the room. Because of this, you will want to first run into the room and take cover behind the divider, then quickly proceed into the next room. Immediately turn right and right again and go into the next room before the door closes, again hiding behind the divider. When it's safe, proceed into the next room. Step on the pressure plate to unlock the door. Shoot the button to turn off the lasers and proceed into the room, ignoring the timer, where you will want to shoot one of the laser plates moving up and down to destroy them. Proceed into the portal on the other side of the glass. There will be a hole in the wall to your left coming out of the portal, proceed into it and turn right. Follow the hallway until you find another hole, on the far side of this room you will see a portal. Wait until the portal is on the side with the debris before going into it. Once you've gone into it, shoot the laser plate near the floor and move under the lasers into the next room. This will put you at Simon Says.