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Best Strategy to Solo Tier 3 Raids in Pokemon GO

Since most soloing is done by super high level players with monster level Pokemon, I set out to do the same but with only level 30 Pokemon. This post is meant to help those in their high 20s who wish to join in on the challenge. Each boss has been soloed at least five times.

  • Resource (stardust and candy) conservation (efficiency halves post-30).
  • Saved resources can be banked or used to create a wider bench.
  • Guaranteed extra Premier Ball bonus (for when no teammates are around).
  • Appease lower TL girlfriend who was salty about not being able to solo things.

My set-up:
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.3.1
  • Pocket WIFI (for unstable locations, rarely used)

Pre-battle prep:

Attackers are named Japanese style by their types and float to the top of the list when sorted by name (ex. Fighting are named #格).

Optionally, scout the move-set of the boss.

Start the private lobby to initiate the 120s countdown.

Close and restart the game before each attempt (this has significantly lowered gym bugs and performance issues for me).

Enter and choose your team (I generally run with the same team regardless of boss move-set).

Have your most effective attackers first, especially if they are somewhat tanky as well.

General battle strategies:

Don’t dodge (except for below).

Major DPS losses are due to dying right before you’re able to dump a (big) charge move. So while dodging is generally not recommended, if you see that you can squeeze in that extra Stone Edge or whatnot by dodging a single charged move, do it.

If you are timing out without running through your bench, swap a higher damage glass cannon in.

When you know you cannot complete a charge move before dying just spam quick attacks through the end. The reason for this is that more often than not, you will trade blows and the boss will be refunded HP due to their killing blow having landed before yours.

Eating a charge move from the boss when you’re on a sliver of life is sweet.

When the timer is low and you can choose between spamming quick, or potentially overkilling with a charged move, use the charged move. This is because the server often doesn’t end up recognizing a small killing blow as you’re timing out, so overkilling has gotten me more successful kills than not.

Individual Matchups:

1. Alakazam
Best clear time: 5 seconds remaining.
Teams used:
(2)S/FP Houndoom, (2)B/C Tyranitar, (2)SC/SB Gengar
(3)B/C Tyranitar, (3) SC/SB Gengar
(4)SC/SB Gengar, (2)B/C Tyranitar
Comments: Not a difficult fight, but so far I’ve only tested with difficult to attain/and or legacy attackers. If the boss has Focus Blast then you have to dodge or get one-shot.

Best clear time: 4 seconds remaining.
Teams used:
(1)B/SE Tyranitar, (2)MS/SE Rhydon, (1)RT/SE Golem, (2)WG/HP Starmie
(1)B/SE Tyranitar, (3)MS/SE Rhydon, (1)RT/SE Golem, (1)DT/O Dragonite
(1)B/SE Tyranitar, (1)MS/SE Rhydon, (1)RT/SE Golem, (3)DT/O Dragonite
(1)B/SE Tyranitar, (2)MS/SE Rhydon, (1)RT/SE Golem, (2)DT/O Dragonite
Comments: Because Arcanine can have Wild Charge, a combination of Ground and Rock attackers is the easiest way to go. I heavily favor Stone Edge (and subsequently double-rock) over Earthquake.

3. Gengar
Best clear time: 10 seconds remaining.
Teams used:
(2)C/FS Espeon, (1)ZH/FS Espeon, (1)C/FS Alakazam, (2)B/C Tyranitar
(2)C/FS Espeon, (1)C/FS Alakazam, (3)B/C Tyranitar
Comments: Dodge Focus Blasts if using Tyranitar, otherwise only dodge if you can fit an extra charge move in.

4. Machamp
Best clear time: 31 seconds remaining.
Teams used:
(2)C/FS Espeon, (1)ZH/FS Espeon, (1)C/FS Alakazam, (2)DT/Hu Dragonite
(2)C/FS Espeon, (1)C/FS Alakazam, (3)DT/Hu Dragonite
Comments: Regardless of move-set, this fight is actually very easy with any combination of Psychic attackers. See general strategies section if you’re having trouble.

5. Vaporeon
Best clear time: 17 seconds remaining.
Teams used:
(2)BS/SB Exeggutor, (2)E/SB Exeggutor, (1)C/SB Exeggutor, (1)VW/SB Venusaur
(2)BS/SB Exeggutor, (1)VW/SB Venusaur, (3)DT/Hu Dragonite
(2)BS/SB Exeggutor, (1)C/SB Exeggutor, (3)TS/TB Jolteon
Comments: Once again, another fight that’s surprisingly easy with lots of viable set-ups versus any moveset.
Currently, Jolteon and Flareon don’t seem possible (perhaps due to their defense stat).