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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Caltrop and Dazzler Confirmed?

Ubisoft may have just confirmed Dazzler and Caltrop as the next Operators for Rainbow Six Siege in their Operation: Health Dev Diary video. In a one-second pan over the Operator menu, icons for unreleased Operators were spotted. The icons were shown at the 2:43 mark in the video below.

After the video was uploaded, one Redditor took his best shot at recreating the icons. The first icon shows three flashes of light, likely referring to Dazzler.

In addition to the icons, we are able to note that Dazzler will be the attacking Operator included in the Hong Kong update, while Caltrop will play as a defense character. Looking back to previous datamines of the two upcoming Operators, we are able to speculate what these characters' unique abilities might be.

Based on previous information, we can infer that Dazzler will utilize a variation of flash bangs or other disorienting tools to gain an advantage over his opponents. That said, the actual ability he will possess is still up for debate.

Dazzler's name may directly refer to the non-lethal weapon, the dazzler, which uses directed radiation to cause temporary blindness. However, other members of the Siege community think Dazzler may use a flash bang similar to Call of Duty: Ghosts' 9-Bang due to the new icon and the "DazzlerGrenade" file header seen in the datamine.

The 9-Bang in Ghosts can be thrown immediately after pulling the pin to simply flash enemies, but if players cooked the grenade, more flashes would be charged. After holding the grenade to its maximum length, the grenade would also dish out an EMP charge which would disable (but not destroy) enemy technology.

Bear in mind that the Operator is still in development and the actual signature skill for Dazzler may yet be changed.

While the second image is harder to detail, you can somewhat make out a white caltrop on the orange background. And as you might've guessed, but the second image likely alludes to the datamined Operator, Caltrop.

As for Caltrop's signature skill, the datamines have all but confirmed his use of toxic mines. Its file header was found in connection to the other Operator, which may allow him to plant several mines near the objective.

Other mines were found in the game files, such as the flash mine and concussion mine, though they were not tied to one specific character. Ubisoft may introduce mines as new gadgets once Season Three rolls around.

Aside from the new Operators' skills, these datamines provided information about incoming weapons as well as several interesting features, such as the tactical albatross or the patcher launcher.