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Pokemon GO Generation 3 Evolution and Capture

I've recently been playing Omega Ruby and been thinking about what this Generation 3 means for Pokemon GO in terms of filling out the Pokedex and evolutions.

I've made a chart with my major predictions for candies (Please look at it first) but wanted to go more in depth on some other points.

Baby Pokemon

Gen 3 brings two new babies Azurill (Marill's Baby) and Wynaut (Wobbuffet's baby). I predict Wynaut would need 25 to evolve like most other babies in the game so far. Azurill is difficult, I was surprised when Gen2 came out that Marill was only 25 candies to evolve into Azumarill. Which would lead me to believe that Azuill will be 12 candies or go to 25 candies and increase the cost of Marill -> Azumarill to 50 candies (Not 100 as that would be a massive leap).

Special Cases

Feebas -> Milotic

In the original games you needed to have a Feebas with 100% beauty to evolve it, using a system called Pokeblocks, involving blending certain berries together and feeding them to the Pokemon. In later games you only need a Prism Scale. I would guess you would need the Prism Scale plus 50/60/100/200/400 candies in PoGO to evolve it as it is traditionally a rare Pokemon, akin to Gyarados in my mind. PokeBlocks and Contests evolving Beauty (amongst other traits) isn't a core mechanic in the series and I don't think Niantic would implement it when there are so many other core features like Trading not in the game.


Castform doesn't evolve but instead changes form/type in battle depending on the weather. (Sunshine for Fire, Rain for Water and Hail for Ice.) These are either naturally occurring conditions or caused by a Pokemon causing the weather. Due to Pokemon GO only having 2 moves this would be difficult to implement using current mechanics and would need to be worked on like Ditto's special abilities were. You could potentially be able to pick Castform's form once per battle or gym, this would be the easiest to implement. More difficult ways to do it would be to introduce weather into the game, despite them mentioning this a couple of times, I think it is lower down on their list of things to do. This Pokemon will probably be released after the bilk of Gen 3.

Nincada - Ninjask - Shedinja

This Pokemon evolves and splits into two Pokemon, its main body and its shed shell or cocoon. It is rather unique in this aspect. The easiest way for this to be in the game is for a special evolve animation to play, an evolution 'Oh?'. At worst it would push you over your Pokemon limit by 1 mechanically. Shedinja is also unique as it has 1HP but is ghost type, which in the core game affords it protection from some attacks. As this mechanic isn't in PoGO and most attacks do some damage the Pokemon will likely just have a low HP, though there are other ways to implement it. This Pokemon could be released after Gen 3.

Wurmple - Cascoon/Silcoon

Wurmple is the Caterpie/Weedle of Gen3 but it evolves based on Personality Traits introduced in the generation (Such as being Gentle, Kind, angry etc) Personality traits could be introduced into the game and add some more diversity. If done a certain way this could be used to make the job of IV checkers much more difficult, especially without appraisal data. Eevee already doesn't follow some mechanics from the core games (It doesn't require evolution stones to evolve into Vapereon, Jolteon or Flareon) and is instead random, I could see Wurmple having a 50/50 chance of evolving into either Cascoon or Silcooon.

Other Gen 3 Predictions/Thoughts

Regional Pokemon I think its difficult to guess what Pokemon will be regional Pokemon, if any, or where they would be. There’s a lot of potential but my gut feelings are:
  • Zangoose
  • Seviper
  • Absol
  • Tropius
  • Torkoal (Zangoose and Seviper have a long stanging history of not getting on in the Pokemon Lore and this could make for a good dynamic)

Kecleon (A Chameleon Pokemon) has the ability to go invisible or blend in with the enviroment. This would be a fun Pokemon as on the map it could litterally be invisible or just have its stripe showing, making it hard to spot. I believe this to be the easist implmentaion to PoGO. In the core games you require a Devon Scope to see them, a kind of headset/googles. This could be an item you aquire in PoGO either perminantly, for short time periods ie. once a day or one use/disposable like a Lucky Egg.


Why no 50 then 100 candy Pokemon?

I'm not aware of any pattern to how they have been selected so far in Pokemon GO so I put all double evolution Pokemon together.

Why no names on your chart?

I wanted to focus more on the mechanics rather than the names, there are better ways to learn their names.

What criteria did you use to choose which Pokemon 25 candies and others 50 to evolve?

I went with what are common/early on in the core Gen3 game but also tried to have a few 25 candy Pokemon to give returning or new players some more quick evloves that wouldn't require too many of the same type to be caught to get an evolution.

Any thoughts on Legendaries?

I'd rather see how Niantic do the first 1 or 2 and see, theres so many options as it stands.