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Niantic Will be Working on a New Pokestop Submission Feature for Pokemon GO

Developer Niantic have revealed that they will be adding a new pokestops submission feature in the future for Pokemon GO.

If you will go to Niantic support, hoping to request a new Pokestop or Gym to be added in your area, then you will totally be disappointed as you will only see this message:

Well last year, Niantic did open this option for trainers to submit or request new Pokestops and Gyms in their area. But as of this moment, this feature was shut down by Niantic. Well, they got more important things to do at the moment (cough...legendaries...cough).

However, Niantic revealed on their twitter page that they are "working on a way to enable submissions in the future".

How will this new Pokestops and Gyms submission feature work?

We all know that Pokemon GO was built on a game engine first used in Niantic’s other big-name game: Ingress. . So, we can expect that they'll be enabling Pokestop submission in PoGo, the same way that they allow their gamers on Ingress request Portals.

To be more specific, I'm also guessing that they will use a tool called OPR (Operation Portal Recon) to enable pokestop submissions. OPR is a tool designed for Ingress players to submit new portal requests, which Niantic has been using to create new portals in Ingress and new PokeStops in Pokemon GO.

Last month, Niantic announced that their Operation Portal Recon (OPR) tool for Ingress has launched in Brazil and Korea.

  1. Portal Recon (PR) is a review tool for portal submissions (invite only access) currently in beta for some countries.
  2. PR has already gotten us 9,000 new pokéstops (not bad given how small the current test area is)
  3. Agents love remote points of interest (PoI), rural will improve
  4. This is not the end. It is but the next step towards increased numbers of PoI everywhere.
When to expect the new Pokestops and Gyms submission tool?

To tell you honestly, I have no clue yet when as Niantic is focus right now on two things: One is the anti-cheat measure their implementing; and two is the release of legendary this summer. Judging by how long Niantic will exert effort in completing this task, I think it's safe to say that they will focus on this new submission tool once they have finish making their game spoof/cheat free and, after the release of Legendaries. 

IMO, it's really safe to assume that this will be added after the legendary release.