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Monster Hunter 5 to be Release Exclusively on Playstation 4?

The top-tier Capcom game, Monster Hunter had made Nintendo famous for years now and in fact, the game did it again when the developer officially announced that Monster Hunter Double Cross will be available on Nintendo Switch in the future. However, there has been several reports that Capcom might cross the line next year, as they'll possibly jump into the Playstation gamer, to release the fifth edition of Monster Hunter, exclusively to the said console.

On a thread in Neogaf, a rumor suggests that there has been talks in Japan that Sony has acquired the rights for Monster Hunter 5 on Playstation 4. Monster Hunter 5 is said to be release in 2018, with support for online multiplayer and gameplay redesigned to be more accessible to Western players.

The great success of Monster Hunter X would convince the leaders of Capcom to speed up work on the fifth chapter officially, also speaking of a possible new chapter in the series of Monster Hunter Portable which could arrive on Switch and probably 3DS.

We invite you, as usual, to take this news with proper precaution, in expectation of any confirmation or denial by the publisher.