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Leveling Exploit in Nier: Automata [How to Level Up Super Fast]

So I have been playing Nier: Automata for two weeks now and man I am totally awed by it's gameplay and challenges that it give players. I am completely drawn with the difficulty this game has to offer ranging from killing enemies with multiple combos to experiencing a bullet-hell like gameplay. 

However, almost every RPG games can't expect the fact that players can exploit it and Nier: Automata is one of those game. In fact, I have found a new leveling exploit in Nier: Automata already. This exploit helps you level up your character really fast and get a leverage against those powerful enemies.

A piece of advice though, don't use this exploit if you're just gonna play below Very Hard difficulty as this will completely destroy your experience playing Nier: Automata.

The Exploit: How to Level Up Super Fast in Nier: Automata

The key here is to Go back as 9S into the mission Ch. 07-01: Reporting to Pascal

After that, follow the steps below:

1. Equip Experience bonus chips!

2. Teleport to the Amusement Park and run to the center of the area where the Golden Bunny is, clear all the monsters around and then start melee hitting the statue.

3. The bunny can be activated at any level, but you have to be at least 50 and up for it!, else you won't deal any damage to it because of the level differences.

4. Equip a full set of Attack Up and Critical Up Chips, also try Ancient Overlord Lv 4.

5. It will suddenly come to life and will attack you, be careful because it can one shot if you're low level, the statue is level 80, this is why you have to go as 9S.

6. If you are level 50 to 60 your hacking will deal very few damage to it, but if you're 60 and higher you will start noticing decent damage.

7. Hack the Bunny and get ready for a rough hacking minigame, enjoy the incoming exp and repeat!

8. Save and Repeat!

I included a video below for a short demo of the said leveling exploit for Nier: Automata: