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How To Get Level 45 3rd Job Advancement in Dragon Nest SEA

The level 50 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA which only means that, we can now enjoy the new skills of the 3rd job of each classes in the game. However, many players in DN SEA don't know yet how to change to 3rd Job as it's really new and it's not the same to other DN such as Korea and China. And worst, most players tend to give those poor misguided soul wrong information on how to get the 3rd job advancement of their respective class.

There has been rumors that you need to finish the Main Quest first before you can get the 3rd job which is VERY NOT TRUE. The 3rd job quest doesn't require you to finish your Main quest at all. However, you'll need to be at level 45 to do the Specialization quest of your character. In addition, all Specialization quest will be done in Lotus Marsh which means that, your quest will take place in one or two Lotus Marsh Dungeons. The only difference is, each character has their own Specialization quest unique from other classes.

Another detail that you must know is that the 3rd Job Specialization Quest is very easy. All you need to do first is, head to your respective skill trainer on Lotus Marsh when you've reached level 45 and then, start the Specialization Quest. After that, just follow every step that the Specialization Quest require for you to be able to change to the 3rd job you desire. The navigation arrow will be your guiding light!

And lastly, there might be a few dungeons that say's that, you'll need to do your quest in Abyss difficulty. Well, that is only a trick. If you press the master difficulty, you'll notice that you can finish your Specialization quest in that difficulty. For Academic classes, you'll be noticing that after you enter a certain dungeon, you'll not be seeing your quest there but, if you actually enter the dungeon, you will see the navigation arrow pointing into something which only means that your in the right dungeon. Oh by the way, Academic Specialization quest can be done also in Master difficulty so don't be fooled.

Update:  If you're a Warrior or Cleric, you first need to go to Riverwort Wharf and go to the house way down south of the map and talk to Old Hound Jack; he's lying (and drooling) next to old Karacule Dark Tower.. You have to do this before going to your respective skill trainer. (Thanks to Oed for this).

So, there you have it. Just follow everything on your Specialization quest and in no time, you'll be getting your 3rd Job Advancement in Dragon Nest SEA. To help you level up faster to 45, I suggest that you to this leveling guide.

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