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How Critical Stats Work in Dragon Nest

At this blog, I have shared my idea about the Final Damage stat. Now, I will be giving you some insights on how the Critical stat works in Dragon Nest.

What is Critical?
Critical is the additional damage a target will receive without taking into account their physical and magical defense. In addition, this stat will give an extra 1.25 multiplier on that damage. It is believed that Critical is dependent on the level of the target and, there are certain crit cap within a certain level. In DN SEA, it is proven that:
  • A level 32 character must have 6,000 crit stat to inflict a net crit of 95% to a level 32 target.
  • A level 40 character must have 10,000 crit stat to inflict a net crit of 95% to a level 40 target.
  • A level 50 character must have 17,000 crit stat to inflict a net crit of 95% to a level 50 target.

How to Calculate Critical Dealt to Target?

Normal Damage is calculated like this:
Normal Non-crit damage = (%Amp * M.att + Add. dmg)*(1 - %dmg reduction from defence)

While Critical Damage is calculated like this:
Crit Damage = 1.25 * (%Amp * M.att + Add. Dmg)

1.25 : 1.25 is the crit damage multiplier applied if crit happen. 
%Amp: % of skill amplification in the skill description. 
M.att: Your magic attack in stats window. 
Add. Damage: Additional damage in the skill description. 

In battle, the color of the crit damage figure = yellow/gold. 

You can see how much Critical you have by going to your stats window. Take note the the Critical figure isn't really the critical you will add in your damage. Instead, it's a figure which shows how much probability you will deal critical to an enemy. 

The Effect of Critical Resist
However, Critical stat is not all good news. It has its weakness in the name of Critical Resist. The idea is, the more Critical stat you have, the more Critical Resist you will also have. Another fact is, Critical Resist doesn't only reduce the proc rate of your critical, but it also reduces the critical damage you will deal to an enemy if he/she has high Critical stat.

When critical damage is resisted, in addition to the 1.25 multiplier, another multiplier of 0.35 is applied over the damage.

Resisted Crit Damage = 1.25 * 0.35 * (%Amp * M.att + Add. Dmg)

You will know that your critical has been resisted when you see a broken white number on the top of the target's head. Often it is called "White Critical".

The worst part is, it is proven that White Critical has lower damage than normal damage. In a study done by some DN players:

In order for the damage of high crit to surpass the normal non-crit damage, the boss defence need to exceed a certain threshold: 
1.25 * 0.35 > ( 1 - def) 
def > 56.25% 

as you can note from bishop nest (see table below), none of the boss in bishop has over 56.25% of defence. It is actually a pretty high value,which translate to 8438 of defence stats. 

So in general, you can say that white critical is lower than non-crit damage, with maybe a few exception for bosses with extremely high defence (> 56.25% , such as Green Dragon, Kalahan, Morgan, White Eye Cyclops in Green Dragon Nest).
Critical and Critical Resist Table (Example)
So is it Worth to Stack Critical? 
Yes. Indeed! Despite of the fact that it can be resisted still, Critical stat is pretty awesome. Do note that not all nest bosses or mini boss in the game has high crit resist which only makes Criical stat more important in PVE purposes. It will surely boost your damage a lot and in fact, the very first stat I have stack in my favorite Gearmaster is critical which works perfectly for her. In terms of PVP, well I can say that it's not that good as many of the DN players has the max critical cap nowadays.

How to Stack Critical Stat?
There are many ways to stack or achieve the max critical. You can achieve high critical by:
  • Getting AGI and Fatal Plates
  • Ensuring that your Armors has AGI potentials
  • Ensuring that your Weapons has AGI potentials and 17.00% Critical
  • Equipping Armors with Wind Prefix
  • Equipping Weapons with Wind or Fatal Prefix
  • Equipping Fatal Rings, Wind Necklace and Wind Earrings
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