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Full DPS Assassin Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2

Hello guys! Welcome to another Ragnarok Online 2 guide. This time around, we will be discussing about Assassins in Ragnarok Online 2. To be more specific, I will be sharing a skill build to you which I think is the most suitable one for this class, in both PVP and PVE. 

Assassins are no strangers to Ragnarok as they are known to be swift killing machines. In fact, they are considered to be at the top tier when it comes to DPS. That being said, the Assassin skill build I'm about to share in this page will be a full DPS Assassin. I call it Shadow Assassin! Why? You will find out why later :). 

So without further adieu, here is my Full DPS Shadow Assassin Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2. 
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Assassin Skill Explanation 

Thief Skill Tree 

Hiding- Once you use this skill, you will become undetectable during battle. In addition, the first skill you used during hiding state will have double damage. The only downside is, when you just level it to 1 and 2, your movement speed will decrease by 40% and 20% respectively. I suggest you level this skill to 3 so that there will be no decrease in movement speed. 

Dark Illusion- I don't have this skill in my build due to SP shortage. Yes it does decent damage and crits every time it hits but the fact is, there are some skills in the Assassin skill tree that are more powerful than this one. 

Meteor Assault- Cause a shock wave on the surface to inflict damage to 3 surrounding enemies. The damage increment for this skill is pretty low that is why I don't have this in my skill build. Another reason is that, when it comes to utility or to be more exact, when it comes to luring enemies towards you, there is a more powerful and effective skill when you become an Assassin. 

Double Attack- One of your every day skill as a Thief which will then proceed to being an Assassin. The damage is good at max level so that is why I suggest to level it to 5. In addition to the good damage, you can obtain 1 combo point each time you use this skill. So basically, it's a skill which can harvest and help you stack combo points while a decent damage to the enemy. 

Combo Training- This passive skill will give you a chance to gain a bonus combo point each time you use a skill which can gain combo points. Max this skill for the 15% probability. 

Genocide Mark- So far, I consider this as the worst party buff in the game. Other class has 10% or more percentage but this, at max level, it will only give 2.0% critical rate bonus to all members which is pretty low. That is why I have decided to just get 1 level on this skill as the SP meant for maxing this is better invested on other DPS skills. Cross Impact- Just put 1 SP on this skill for prerequisite. It may have good damage increment per level but, due to SP shortage, you will need to sacrifice this skill. And besides, there are other skills that are more powerful than this one. Just use this skill to obtain combo points. 

Deadly Blow- Max this skill also. The damage is good but what really makes this skill awesome is the bonus damage you can inflict to the enemy. Take note that this skill consumes combo points and, every combo points will give you 7% additional damage. Just imagine the damage it will inflict if you have lots of combo points stacked. 

Dagger Throwing- Just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite. The only use of this skill for me is luring far away enemies towards me. 

Poisoning Weapon- This skill will ensure that you will inflict constant damage to the enemy. Once use, the next skill that you will cast will have a 30% probability to inflict additional poison damage which is pretty good. The effect will be activated every 2 seconds and it lasts for 20 seconds. However, I suggest to leave this skill to level 1 as the increment of damage is only 1% per level and 10% is pretty decent bonus damage already. In addition to that, even if leveled high, the probability to proc the poison effect is still 30%. Bonus Tip: If you have extra SP however, do spend it here. 

Assassin Skill Tree 

Cloak Hiding- If it weren't for the shortage of SP, I would have get this skill. The bonus movement speed will be a big asset for our swift killing machine but, I need to sacrifice this one to get the most needed skills for my Full DPS Assassin. 

Shadow Fang- Earlier, I have said that there was a skill in the Assassin tree which is more effective than Meteor Assault. This is that skill! It will swallow a max of 10 surrounding enemies and inflict physical damage to them. However, do take note that its effectiveness reduces if used on more than 6 enemies only. I suggest to just level this skill to 1 for the pulling effect. In short, you will get this skill for utility. 

Shadow Strike- One of our DPS skill. The damage is pretty decent once leveled high and it can obtain 3 combo points when our class is at Shadow form state. Max this skill. 

Shadow Fiend- This passive skill will give us a chance to gain a bonus 22% damage if we use skills that can obtain combo points. I personally max this skill for the higher chance of dealing bonus damage as it's needed for my Full DPS Assassin. 

Grimtooth- This is one of your main combo point harvester skill. In PVE, you will surely love this skill as every enemies hit by this skill will give you combo points. So basically, this skill will give you 3 combo points as it can hit a max of 3 targets. Just leave this skill to level 1 however, for utility purposes. 

Shadow Form- Max this skill. Perfectly paired with Shadow Fiend. Remember that you need to be at this state to gain the additional combo point. In addition to gaining combo point, this skill is really awesome because it will give our Assassin 30% bonus movement speed and attack speed when activated. 

Shadow Explosion- Max this skill. As a DPS Assassin, this will be your main skill as the damage is pretty awesome when max. Just take note that you will need 5 combo points to activate this skill. 

Shadow Cloak- Max this skill also. You're better off with this skill than Mark of Genocide. Remember that MOG only gives you 2.0% critical rate bonus but this skill will give you 5% critical rate bonus at max level. Why not have both of them for higher critical rate bonus? I think 5% is enough. Why? It's because Assassin are AGI based class which will give them higher chances of dealing critical damage. In addition, we haven't got the SP to invest on both skills and that is why we must sacrifice one. 

Shadow Armor- This skill will increase your defense rate by 50% for 10 seconds. In paper, this skill is pretty awesome but in reality, it's not. Take note that this skill only gives half more defense rate to your character and, you need to max this skill to shorten the cooldown to 40 seconds. So I asked you? do you prefer investing points on this skill for the 40 seconds cool down and sacrifice the other damager skills for our DPS Assassin? I think not. Don't invest SP on this one. 

Shadow Assault- Yet another great skill for our DPS Assassin. Not only that it does great damage to the enemy, but this skill is one of our asset to close the gap between us and our enemy. Take note that once activated, our Assassin will leap towards the enemy and inflict physical damage and most of all, it will knock down that enemy for 3 seconds. Perfect utility and damage skill! 

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Now you know why I call my build as a Shadow Assassin skill build. It maximizes the Shadow skills of the Assassin so that he will be a great DPS class. For feedbacks and suggestion, you can go to the comment box of this page.