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Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Fallen Ghosts DLC for Ghost Recon Willdlands

Ubisoft have officially revealed that May 30 will be a big day for Season Pass holders as they will be giving them the newest DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands called "Fallen Ghost. In this page, we will try to breakdown all the information we got from the upcoming Fallen Ghost DLC and try to give a more precise description on what you can expect from the upcoming DLC. Take note that you will read some materials below that were not mentioned in the official post. So yeah, this post contains spoilers for the Fallen Ghosts DLC. You've been warned. Now proceed if you dare.


According to Ubi the Ghosts have done their job and they are trying to exfil out CIA operatives (and themselves) from Bolivia, but the disorganized Cartel decides to get vengeance by bringing in a nasty bunch of mercs called Los Extranjeros. My Spanish is no good, but Google translate insists this means "The Foreigners" weird but ok. Maybe it should mean "The Strangers"? I dunno. All I know in the files they are called PMC - as in Private Military Company

The still caps from the intro and outro of your briefing video on Los Extranjeros and it's leader the enigmatic Colonel Marlo:


Not much is known about the specific people we are meant to help (and assassinate!) but apparently there are several undercover agents we have to rescue and several enemies we have to take out (there are missions called "Headhunter missions"). Ubi has said there are 4 bosses. I know one will surely be Colonel Marlo who clearly heads up Los Extranjeros -

There is also a mysterious figure in the files called simply "Socrates". No idea if this is a friend or foe, but looking at him I feel like he is your "Kate Bowman" for this DLC (Or Pac Katari - take your pick):


Los Extranjeros employes 4 kinds of special forces. I'm assuming there will still be plenty of "grunts" for us to down as well, but these 4 guys are definately the elites.

So we have Armored troops (heavies), Elite Snipers (deal lots of damage and have a wide/long detection radius), Jammers (mobile jamming of your drones, etc) and Covert Ops (wear optical camo and use crossbows)

Here are some collective "group shots" of these guys:


First up the heavily Armored guy who you will want to take out with headshots. These guys will be rocking ARs and I assume LMGs... I mean what Ubi game passes up the opportunity for a "heavy" not to tote an LMG and hose down the heroes??


Pretty sure these are handled just how you would the other snipers - stay wayyy the fuck away and pick them off with your own high powered rifle. Strongly suspect these guys will be packing a brutal punch if they hit you. Looks like they might even be toting .50 cal rifles. Ouch.

These guys will be annoying because they are mobile so you will have to snipe them or take them out silently somehow in order to use your drone. They might also affect night vision / thermal since Ubi has stated "Jammers have an interference antenna equipped on their backpacks that disables all your electronic gadgets". From the images it looks like the carry SMGs as primary weapons.


OK these annoyingly freakish guys have optical camo netting that makes them "invisible" in light. By invisible i mean the Predator style shimmer or more appropriately the optical camo of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I'm a little pissed that we can't get this tech ourselves :P I mean WE are the Ghosts dammit!

Any way the counter to this sneaky shit is going to be your thermal vision which will light them up like a Christmas tree. These guys also carry the new crossbow so that's cool.


So Fallen Ghosts says that it includes 6 all new weapons and 10+ new "legendary weapons" (the unique skinned ones you cannot modify) 

For the legendary weapons, see the materials below:

Assault Rifles

L85A2 CROCODILE - An L85A2 (obviously). The only thing that can be gleaned from it's profile is it mounts a scope which looks to be the PK-AS. The name is evocative and makes me hope for a really cool skin on this weapon.

SIG556 DRAGON - A new SIG556 configuration. Silhouette appears to show it with an undermounted M203 grenade launcher, a panoramic sight and possibly an extended mag as well.


P227 URBAN - Custom P227 with a silencer, laser sight and possibly extended mag.

Skorpion SKULL - This is a unique Skorpion, but other than a possibly custom paint job I'm not sure what, if anything, is different about it.


T95 SPECTRE - A unique Type 95 LMG. Although other than the Russian Red Dot sight I'm not sure what other customizations it might have.


KACPDW APPARITION - This is a custom SR-635. Since the game does not list the SR-635 as a KAC PDW I wouldn't be surprised if this gun just appears by the name "Apparition" (to be fair all these unique weapons in game are probably listed as just names without their gun designation). This unique version seems to mount polymer sights, a V4 Foregrip and a silencer.

Sniper Rifles

MK14 OCCULT - Listed as a DMR the MK14 appears under sniper rifles. This one seems to be tricked out with an improved stock, scope (POSP?), extended mag and silencer

HTI MUDDYBONES - A unique HTI sniper rifle. Has a high powered scope (T5Xi ?) mounted on it. Not sure of any other customizations.

SR2 JUNGLE - Custom SR25 mounting a scope (TA31H) and what looks like a compensator on the barrel. Maybe an extended mag as well? Jungle definately sounds like another potentially cool paint job as well.

As to the NEW weapons I do know some and I guess depending on what Ubi considers a "weapon" maybe all of them.


Obviously we are getting the crossbow and there are icons for regular AND explosive bolts.

So as for guns first up will be the PSG1 Sniper Rifle. Now this gun has actually been in the game with skeleton, textures, etc for a long while now. I kept thinking they would release it with something else, but apparently they had it saved up for Fallen Ghosts.

Another POWERFUL Sniper Rifle coming is the BFG-50A. Having shot single shot 50 cal rifles related to Serbu guns I can attest these things are fucking brutal in real life. So if the Elite Snipers carry these - watch out! This should be comparable to the HTI currently in the game (and as you know that thing shots helicopters out of the sky so...)

Next up we are getting a cool new bullpup SMG - the Magpul PDR. 
I've always loved the look of this thing.

Finally another futuristic looking gun will be the new bullpup assault rifle - the Desert Tech MDR. It seems like Los Extranjeros likes high tech looking guns

Ok so that's a crossbow and 4 new guns, but what about the "sixth weapon"? They mention six new weapons right Ravens? Yeah they do, but the truth is I'm not sure what Ubi decides they are calling a "weapon" in this context. I didn't find anymore guns (not to say the couldn't add more guns in the next patch which will surely contain the final files for Fallen Ghost). BUT here are a few new possible contenders:

KNIFE - A few rumors have surfaced about screen caps of a combat knife being used. Now this could just be cinematics or a marketing still shot. It might not mean anything. I did however find a knife model in the files. Again that could just be used for cinematics or even I think at least one harness has a sheathed knife on it so again this could just be window dressing.

NEW GRENADE - So I found at least one new grenade for Fallen Ghost called the EMP Grenade. I assume these will be useful in knocking out the jammer dudes and turning off optical camo on covert ops (hell it might even scramble the snipers as it seems they have some kind of high tech "monocle" device that they wear)

NEW DRONE(S) - There are at least 2 new drones in the DLC: the attack Drone and the Flash Drone. In addition there is something called "Drone Vengeance" which I think might be actually a "skill" which allows your drone to detonate whenever it's shot down possibly taking some enemies with it. 

The flash drone sounds (and looks) like basically a flash grenade. Use it to stun nearby enemies briefly.

The attack drone on the other hand is said to allow you to "attach a small-caliber shooting device to your drone to transform it into a lethal flying weapon". I don't know if we will really be able to equip guns to it or more likely it will come with a small 9mm or 5.56 etc gun with limited rounds. I suspect the latter with a handgun like level of ammo and damage, but I guess we will see.

GALIL- It's been rumored that some people have spotted the Galil (ACE?) in some of the leaked production art so it's possible I missed this gun in the files OR it will be added in the next patch with the reset of the Fallen Ghost files. They do specifically say new assault rifleS (plural), sniper rifleS, etc. and there are 2 sniper rifles so hoping there will indeed be 2 new assault rifles as well.


So there are 15 new main missions. I also found 4 new side mission types.

HEADHUNTER MISSIONS - Presumably to take out important and dangerous targets.

SABOTAGE - Clearly destroying certain objects and stealing data (or uploading virus etc)

SAVE THE VIP - we know there are several undercover CIA agents left in Bolivia we have to help rescue.

WILD TOWER - Not sure if these are additional bases or just sniper lookouts around the map. You know Ubi and their love of towers in games.