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Elements and Damage Multiplier in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What's up guys! Just want to make a brief guide on the different elements and damage multipliers in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Take note that all information listed here are purely based on my experience playing the game.


-Headshots do double damage.
-Elemental arrows add fixed damage. Fire and ice add ten, shock adds 20, and bomb arrows add 50.
-Explosions off bomb arrows do a flat 50 damage if the arrow doesn't connect.
-Headshots off elemental arrows double the damage of the arrow (or base bow damage if you prefer), then add the fixed damage.
-Shots that end up breaking bows do NOT have an additional damage multiplier like throwing weapons does.

Decimal damage

-Odd tidbit here, but throwing it out there. Decimal damage always rounds down to the nearest whole number after whatever damage multiplier is factored.

Thrown weapons

-Thrown weapons that break on impact do double damage.
-Thrown boomerang weapons that don't break, and can return, have a multiplier of 1.5. Essentially add half its damage.
-Thrown weapons with elemental effects function exactly like headshots with elemental arrows. The thrown weapon does double base damage before adding the fixed elemental damage.

Status effects

-Fire and shock temporarily stun your foes.
-Ice halts your foes even longer, but the following hit from anything while frozen receives triple damage. So the 60 damage Master Sword would do 180 in a single strike. Great Frostblade users rejoice.
-Fire and shock have absolutely no additional damage multipliers to stunned enemies.
-Firing off shock arrows into ponds creates a fixed damage AoE electric field. It does 40 damage regardless of what was used to set off the electric field.

Urbosa's Fury

-Has an extremely powerful fixed 150 damage regardless of any factors. Done to enemies in water, tier of charge attack, weapon type, weapon damage, etc.
-Stun effect and damage can even tear through things like Ganon's fire shield.
-Stun effect is more than 20x the length of a shock arrow's. They will continue to be stunned even after a barrage of hits.

Jump attacks and charge attacks

-Both of these have no additional damage multipliers for any weapons standardly. Depending on height from jump attacks damage will increase, but it requires substantial height Link can't get off without something like a cliff or Cryonis.
-Charge attacks for single handed weapons increase radius. Tier two and three charges can potentially hit twice for full damage. On two handed weapons the spin attack hits do full damage. The final hit hits twice for full damage each hit. Spears simply hit more per charge level for full damage each hit.
-Jump attacks for each weapon type hit twice for full damage.

Master Sword's sword beams

-When facing down Malice tainted foes like Guardians, or in Malice tainted places like Hyrule Castle, its sword beams do 20 damage.
-Outside these situations it does 10 damage.
-Any of the amiibo tunics, or Tunic of the Wild, adds half of the sword beam's current damage to it.

Barbarian set is OP

-Adds a fixed 50% for the full set to everything except elemental and bomb explosions. This includes remote bombs and bomb arrow explosions. Urbosa's Fury is unaffected as well. Doesn't boost sword beam damage either.
-Bows, one handed weapons, spears, and two handed weapons receive a 50% bonus.
-For anything with multipliers, such as sneak attacks or headshots, add half of the damage of the number after that multiplier is calculated. Here's an example:

Steel Lizal Bow = 36 base damage
Headshot = 72 damage
72 / 2 = 36 (Barbarian set 50% bonus here)
72 + 36 = 108 (final damage)

Here's a complete list of what you add the Barbarian set bonus after:

-Thrown breaking weapon damage multiplier
-Thrown boomerang damage multiplier
-Frozen enemy damage multiplier
-Headshot multiplier
-Sneak attack multiplier

Ancient Weapons

-A 50% damage increase is done to Guardians by these weapons.

Ancient Proficiency

-This functions exactly like the Barbarian set, but grants an 80% multiplier specifically to ancient weapons.
-The 80% damage boost is calculated exactly like the Barbarian set's.
-Can stack with attack boosting food effects unlike the Barbarian set. This is because Ancient Proficiency is a completely different damage buff than that of food effects or the Barbarian set.

Elemental damage

-Fire and ice add 10. Shock adds 20.
-This occurs for arrows and all elemental weapons like Thunderblade.
-Elemental damage is always added last to damage as well. Always after every multiplier.

Sneak attacks 

-Have an enormous eight times damage multiplier.
-Elemental damage from elemental weapons is not factored in this at all.