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Dragon Nest Level 90 Blade Dancer Skill Build Guide (T5)

Here's a recommended skill build for level 90 blade dancer in Dragon Nest.

First, let's discuss the Kali skill tree...

Kali Tree


Soul Flurry: 21/27
Still a very good filler skill and gets you the necessary points needed to unlock your ultimate. 355% attack and an additional 25% at the last hit.

Butterfly Step: 1/1
Your dodge skill and 0.6 invincibility frame skill. Very important skill.

Ghost Kick: 1/1
Recovery skill. You can use this skill to recover RDN's first boss bar mechanic when getting knocked back by the dragon. Also gives you some good recovery after using Aerial Evade.

Skeletal Distraction: 1/1
A power evade skill. Another utility skill. Cooldown is 20s so needs to be used wisely.

Phantom Guard: 1/1
Good ol' PG; not! Actually, Phantom Guard can save your life if used correctly. I'd recommend new Blade Dancers not picking this up until they are more comfortable in the class. 200% SA buff, reduces mana cost by 80%, and mitigates damage by 26% through consuming mp. This is now a self buff.

Aerial Evasion: 1/1
Air time if you get knocked up. Utility skill

Hand of the Dead: 1/1
Knock down recovery skill. Recover from being on the ground, a slight iframe is there as you rise up.

Mental Mastery: 1/4
Point dump for me but because I have PG, it comes in handy. Raises mp by 15%

Genie's Blessing: 1/1
The only party buff in the game that raises the base stats of each character. It raises all stats by 10% for 300s with a 10s cooldown on the skill. Get this even if you solo.

Health Bolster: 4/4

Kalis are squishy and depending on the gear, it may or may not be needed. You can run in 5 set bdn l armor so it is preferable to have as much vitality stacked without gems as possible. Boosts hp up by 24%.

Now for the dancer tree. My current skill build for 80 cap followed Pengguine's skill build with a bit of tweaks for my personal style. I basically took that same set up and made some changes based on skill buffs and nerfs.

Dancer Tree


Chakram Flurry: 16/19
Skill got a huge buff with it's attack % and at this level does 2797%. This is a nice dps skill and if you can max it and tech it to 21 it does 3217% attack.

Windcall Twirl & Illusion Dance: 1/1
Used to max at 12 but as now changed it to 1 in t5. It gives you the 60% fd buff, recovers your hp by 7%, and damage reduction buff by 24% for 12s with a 15s cd. When you pick up Dawnblade, Iyou should also pick up the Spirit Dancer's twirl called Illusion Dance. It does the same thing.

Windcall & Illusive Gaze: 1/1
Windcall buffs crit rate by 30% for 5s and Illusive Gaze gives an action speed buff for 10s. Required to get to unlock the rest of the skill tree.

Stalker, Dusk Hunter, Abolisher, & Whirling Dervishes: All at lvl 1
These all got nice damage buffs to their %s however, you should save SP to focus in the Blade tree so just chose to leave these at 1. You can tweak the build to get Dervishes, Abolisher or Dusk Hunter to 6 if you prefer.

Whirligig: 11/18
The hit-box and % got a slight nerf so you can take back 5 points out and brought this down to 11 to accommodate Chakram Flurry's buff. Does 1380% at this level. Still a nice skill to put in the dps rotation out of a burn period.

Bladeflip: 1/15
All dancer's go to iframe for stomps. The air time, the air time, the air time. However, there was only a small difference between Whirligig's damage and Bladeflip's. So you can chose the ground skill because that is easier to move into a dps rotation than Bladeflip is. At level 11 this skill does 1179% attack.

Swivel Charge: 14/14
Oh Swivel. This skill is amazing and it got buffed in T5. This skill has a small iframe in the middle animation of the skill and can also be used as a mobility tool. I use a combination of Butterfly step, swivel charge, and squall spin to dodge Ruga's triple stomp in VN/VTN. Very nice skill and attack is 2544%.

Chakram Storm: 13/13
Signature skill #1 for Blade Dancers. This is your heavy hitting skill in your rotation and should be used last. 11 hits is what the skill can do and boy they can hit like a truck. 4555% attack.

General Dawnblade: 13/13
This is a nice Spirit Dancer skill that can hit hard even as a Blade Dancer. Use Illusion Dance and Illusive Gaze to buff the skill's attack. 2955% attack.

Frolic: 2/2
Dancer Ulti. It has been buffed and does some nice damage now. It is also an iframe for the "dancing" portion of the animation. There is no iframe on the dash portion at the beginning nor the push back at the end. Its a good 1.5s+ of iframe. 5659% attack.

Butterfly Whirl: 1/10
Utility skill used to extend the iframe of your side step skill, Butterfly Step. No need to decrease the cd of this and you won't have the spare points to max it.

Mist Caper: 1/9
Has no iframe but you can quickly get from one place on the map to another with this skill. Its a smaller version of the Dash skill for warrior. No point in maxing it, utility skill only.

Dance of Ecstasy 1/2/3: All level 1
  • Dancer skill that got all dancers into raids in T4. Dance 1 can summon ghouls that puts a bonebreaker debuff on or heal with the orc. This dance is not important as Dance 2 or 3 are. Cooldown is 60s which was lowered from 90s in T4.
  • Dance of Ecstasy 2; the most used dance you will use. Deals additional damage of 1.5% for every 1% of the enemies' health drained starting at 50% or under for 15s. You can no longer single or double tech this skill and is also a self-buff.
  • Dance of Ecstasy 3; Newly revamped from the current Dance 3. It increases your attack power by 60% which is also a self buff. Best to use this at the beginning of a fight and then Dance 2 at the end once Dance is off cooldown.

Final Tree; Blade Dancer Tree. Now there are some new skills in the tree called Class Mastery and these are the new EXinstant skills.

Blade Dancer Tree


Squall Spin: 12/12
Counter-attack is your 0.5s iframe on this skill and then if you left click, you deal additional damage by whirling upwards. This skill has been massively buffed and is fun to use. Counterattack skill deals 1312% and the extra hits also deal 1312%. Huge buff to this skill.

Gust Dementia: 11/11
Signature Blade Dancer Skill #2. I lovingly call this skill Bust Dementia or Pizza Cutter. Huge buff to this skill as well and deals 4133% attack.

Chakram Flurry Ex: 1/1
Increases attack speed and attack by 30%.

Whirligig & Bladeflip Ex: 1/1
Increases attack speed and attack by 30% for Bladeflip & 50% attack for Whirligig. Adds an extra hit with left click on both skills.

Chakram Storm & Gust Dementia Ex: 1/1
Increases attack by 50% of Gust Dementia and 30% attack speed and attack for Chakram Storm.

Class Mastery I: 1/1 *
" gain 1 “Second Turn” bubble/counter (max 10) whenever skills from blade dance skills are used
* When you have 5 Second Turn, casting Breeze Call will reduce the remaining CD of blade dance skills by 50%."

Class Mastery II: 1/1 *
Whenever you use Butterfly Whirl or Mist Caper, Swivel Charge is changed to Swivel Charge Instant and can be casted instantly and increases attack power by 5%. The two share a cooldown of 16s.

Hopefully this gives any Blade Dancers out there an idea of what skills are useful and which ones are your high dps skills. 

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Credits: Build by Breamiin