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Could this be Overwatch's Newest Competition? Or Just Another Shooter Game?

We all know that there are several clones of Overwatch right now. In fact, there's one called Paladin that obviously cloned the Blizzard hit shooter and made it a free-to-play. However, nothing beats the original and in my own honest opinion, there's no clone that can beat Overwatch. Well, not until today.

While browsing youtube for the latest videos today, I have discovered a game that may possibly compete against the caliber of Overwatch. I'm talking about Lawbreakers. Admittedly, this is the first time I saw this shooter game but it's been in development for a long time now. In fact, the game was already demoed during 2016 PAX East gamer festival in Boston last April 23, 2016. Currently, the game is in closed beta and is open until 22/05/2017 02:00 (GMT). WTF! Yeah, I was too late to play this game.

But anyway, I'm really digging the gameplay of Lawbreakers. I feel that it can really be a good competition for Overwatch. Okay, I know you can't feel the same way that I feel right now without seeing a glimpse of this game so, better check out the new official trailer of the game below:
Here's another video featuring some gameplay footage of the game (video credit to Gamecross):
Right now, there's no specific release date for the game. But developer Boss Key Productions have revealed that they are focusing on a 2017 release for PC and Playstation 4. If you wan't to know more about Lawbreakers, you can visit their official website here.

It may not be clear now on how will Lawbreaker fair with Overwatch or, can it really compete with Overwatch but, all we know now is that we got another option if we get bored playing Overwatch. And yeah don't ever forget Quake Champions. Now that's another contender IMO!