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Be Careful of this New Sombra Exploit in Overwatch's Hanamura Map

Be warned players! Every time you play Hanamura map, take note of the left-hand route through Point B as a Sombra player might be lurking in that area and doing her newest exploit in Overwatch!

This new Sombra exploit let's her exit map boundaries and far more worst, it let's her find places near the spawn that allow players to switch heroes. In this way, players can switch to Torbjorn and place his turrets that will shoot bullets through the wall at opposing players.

You can see the exploit in action below:

The good news is that Blizzard's aware of it, and will prioritize its fix:
I'm not certain what the status of this issue is but I've sent this over to QA to make sure it's fixed as soon as possible. 
We take exploits like this seriously. Please do not abuse this bug. If you're in a match with someone who does abuse this please report them. 
Apologies to anyone who had been in a game and affected by this.

The bad news, arguably, is that the bug's been around for a while. The map-exit issue with Sombra's translocator had spawned YouTube videos about it since last March. And it is not, by any means, the only map susceptible to Sombra's physics-defying shenanigans. The Hanamura one, however, is unique in allowing for hero swaps, leading to unkillable turret placements.