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34 Things You May Not Have Notice in Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

Here are some things you might not have noticed in Destiny's Gameplay Reveal.

1. Shaxx, with both horns on the right side

2. The Speaker, rocking a wolf pelt cloak and hood

3. Kid Holliday

4. Zavala generating Orbs

5. New Cabal type: Incendior. Appears to have a Fallen-style Shrapnel Launcher with an alt-fire similar to a Taken Knight's napalm

6. Psions taking a cue from the Halo 2 Jackals and taking up sniper rifles

7. A new Cabal weapon type similar to a Hive Boomer and reminiscent of the Duke Nukem series' Ripper

8. New Cabal type: Gladiator. Melee class

9. Look at that arm spike!Cabal superweapon

10. Cabal superweapon?

11. Goodbye Mercury? So much for the Lighthouse...

12. Shrieker boss

13. New, non-Red Legion Cabal Legion? The Lime Legion?

14. Raid confirmed to take place in the Tower? Also note the Titan rocking what appears to be a katana, based on how he's holding it

15. New Vex Collective? More intimidating in my opinion

16. Gjallarhorn shotgun/grenade launcher?

17. The Cabal finally decided to start piloting their Interceptors

18. Another shot of the Interceptor

19. New, more intimidating Colossus

20. Minotaurs finally sport a stomach crit spot

21. Note the massive slug (or possibly Hive worm!) beneath the Hive crystals, at leg level with the Warlock. Likely on Titan, from what we've seen of it

22. A partial map of Io (possibly). Note the enormous size compared to Destiny 1

23. Much like how we had Ishtar Sink, Venus, we now have New Pacific Arcology as the destination for Titan. Note the honeycomb set of spaces on the top left, the hexagon beneath it, and the two empty slots above Earth

24. Either a new Fallen House, or perhaps the Fallen finally unified under a single banner?

25. A new Hive sect and possibly type? Note the wings

26. Rejoice! The Fallen once more climb on objects. Or it's the non-standard Stealth Vandal spawn animation once again

27. Check out that Captain's cloak

28. Fallen wielding a Shock Staff

29. An unnamed Strike likely featuring Devil Splicers once more. Note the strange modifiers

30. Note the addition of a waiting time, a mention of a Nightfall Pass with limit uses, and a time commitment estimation

31. Move over Felwinter Peak wolves, we now have chickens to keep us entertained

32. A second sun?

33. Note the noodle shop sign. Apparently Cayde's favorite place to go is right behind the doors behind the Speaker

34. Another shot of the new Sword
If you have missed the official gameplay reveal of Destiny 2, then go watch it below.