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My Easiest Dragon Fight in Skyrim Special Edition Legendary Difficulty

So we all know that Dragons in Skyrim are really deadly and, they are much deadlier when you raise the difficulty to Legendary difficulty.

However, there's one Dragon fight in Skyrim that is really easy to finish. I'm talking about the "Dragon Rising" quest wherein you will kill your first Dragon named Mirmulnir and absorbed his powers to get the Unrelenting Force shout.

Even in legendary difficulty, the fight with Mirmulnir is really easy.

Tips on fighting Mirmulnir in legendary difficulty:

Now I got lucky as there are so many NPC's that helped me during this fight. There's Irileth and the four Whiterun guards and as well as a passing caravan of Khajiit. The caravan was a random encounter so don't expect that you'll also have the same encounter as mind. Just expect Irileth and the four Whiterun guards.

Now there are two rules in surviving your first Dragon Encounter: One is to use your bow and the other is to let those guards or Irileth take the damage. Now I know you want to swing your axe or sword but if you are on legendary difficulty, I strongly advice to just use the long range attack. Mirmulnir is really dangerous for you at close quarters and you don't have enough defense to block his bite, scratch or tail attack and worst, his fire breath attack which will definitely turn you to ashes in seconds.

Bonus Tip: Always keep Mirmulnir on our radar. Be vigilant and watch his movement to predict where he will land and where he will attack.

Now if you want a short demo on how to defeat Mirmulnir in legendary difficulty, then go ahead and check the video below: