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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition- What has Changed

So after a day waiting for that download bar on steam to finish, I finally got my Skyrim: Special Edition also known as Skyrim Remastered.

Last time I played Skyrim was on 2012. That was 4 years ago and I'm kind of doubtful if it's worth playing again this time as from what I've heard, the Remastered version will only give graphical improvement to the game. Well, as hardcore gamer like me was kind of hoping for more additional content like say for example a new survival mode but I guess I'm the only one who would love to see that feature.

For me the graphic improvement wasn't close to motivating me to play another 400+ hours of Skyrim at first but boy I was really wrong!

The graphics didn't just made the game look fancy, but it totally overhauled the Skyrim experience. For me, Skyrim is now more immersive than ever! Yes, it's the same Skyrim that we've played back in 2011 but the graphics of SE just brought it to a whole new level.

So I played for 40 minutes and these are the things that made me want to relive my adventure again.

The graphical improvement just made Skyrim immersive!

Just like what I've said earlier, Skyrim Special Edition is much more immersive right now and definitely a rpg worth playing again and again. The scenery are way better right now with a bunch of tweaks on all textures. The vast world of Skyrim is now really lovely and beautiful. In fact, I spent a lot of time just looking at the beautiful world of Skyrim. The trees, the mountains, the skies, the water, all of it! It's just magnificent.

The game is really stable now.

Now I own a crappy i7-4510U laptop which clocks @ 2.0GHz (Turbo boost up to 3.1 GHz) but I still can run the game smoothly @ 30 frames per seconds. Now that's at Ultra settings. Now when I tried to run it without the Godray, then I can reach up to 35 frames per seconds or more. 

This is really a big boost for me as at first, I thought this game will definitely five me a lot of hiccups and lags but I was wrong. In fact, I tried spawning NPC soldiers in front of me and get them to kill each other but the game did not crashed at all! Well, you can expect the frame rate to drop from 30 to 19 fps but when the fighting was done, it it just gets back to 30 fps. Now imagine what you more can you do with this game.

I love the battles more right now!

Now I know that there's no improvement in the battling system but it the SE version of Skyrim is a lot better. How? Like I've said before, it became more immersive. Now I don't know about you guys but my first fight with the Imperial soldiers in Helgen keep was a bit different from the original version of Skyrim. 

Well, I know it's the exact same fight that I've encountered in the original Skyrim but the thing is, I felt a much more smoother fight right now and yes, I kind of enjoy killing a graphically improved NPC. LOL.

The water is really cool right now!

Did you notice that the water flows accordingly right now? I mean, it's more realistic right now. One of the more interesting changes involves how realistically the water flows. In the original Skyrim, water flowed in one direction at a constant speed no matter what. In the new version, rivers bend around turns and the water flow changes speed depending on the topography.

Now here's how the water flows in the original Skyrim:

And here's how it looks like in the Special edition:

Overall, I can say that the Special Edition is way better than the original Skyrim. I was using tons of mods on the original version of the game just to make it more immersive but right now, I'm sticking with the graphical improvement that Skyrim Special Edition has to offer. But I'll be trying every other fun mods out there.

If you want to check out my first 40 minutes journey, then go ahead and watch it below. Hope you enjoy the view and my play.