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The Coolest Power Armor & Automatron I Have So Far in Fallout 4 Survival

What's up guys! So last time I was discussing about how to deal with legendary feral ghouls and glowing ones in survival difficulty. And in fact, my current level now is 64 just by doing the method that I have discovered for a few hours last day.

So right after hitting level 64, I then decided to do the Automatron DLC and it was really a blast! The Mechanist fight was really a walk in the park for me as I'm high level enough to kick her ass. Yeah, a little spoiler: The Mechanist is a woman! But this doesn't mean that I did not enjoyed the Automatron DLC. I did enjoy it for two reasons: One is that I finally got the chance to build my own robot and two, I have found a really cool POWER ARMOR!

So first, let's talk about the Power Armor. At first I thought that the Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor was the coolest thing that ever happened to me at the early to mid stages of my survival journey but boy I was wrong! If I had done the Automatron quest at level 30 or lower, then I would I have this sweet X-01 power armor in no time.

The location of this Power Armor

You'll discover the X-01 Power Armor at Fort Hagen Sattelite Array wherein you'll locate the second robobrain in the "Headhunting" quest of the Automatron DLC. It's really easy to spot. Just make sure that your lockpicking skill is at "expert" level to unlock the door.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to use this power armor as you'll be fighting a mean Sentry Bot later in this quest.

Now that's not all the cool stuff you'll get in this area. You'll also get three really cool power armor mods that will make your X-01 Power Armor really cool. Now right after the Ahab fight, you will then find a way to escape the facility. In your way, you'll meet a raider named IVEY suit up in a power armor. Destroy her and you'll be rewarded with the Tesla Rifle and three parts of Tesla- T60f mods for your Power Armor.

Now after getting all the parts, you can build a power armor like mine. Take a look at my super cool power armor below:

Now let's talk about some helpful misc. mods for your power armor which will help you in survival mode. 
  • For the legs: I have optimized servos for the reduce actions points while sprinting.
  • For the torso: I have stealth boy. Why not Jet Pack? I find stealth really useful in survival mode as even with power armor, enemies can still hurt you and kill you in a just a few shots.
  • For the arms and helmet: Personal preference. Currently, I still don't have mods on these parts.
Now that we're finished talking about the Power Armor, let's proceed to discussing my Automatron.

For my Automatron, I used Ada as my robot. Why? Because it's safer that way. Take note that in survival mode, once you cannot repair a robot in battle, they will self-destruct and you will just waste all the materials you scavenge to craft your robot. So stick with Ada.

Next stop is how to build an over-powered Automatron in survival mode. Before we proceed, I would just like to stress out that even if you already built the most OP Automatron in survival mode, this doesn't mean that you have beaten the game in survival mode. YOUR ROBOT IS STILL VERY FRAGILE specially if you are facing heavy resistance. So don't think that your robot can tank all the damage or can kill every enemies that you encountered.

So now, let's proceed to the creation:

The logic is pretty simple really. To create a really good automatron which is built for survival mode, you need to give it some good armors, make it agile, give it weapons with superior damage and lastly, you need to give it some brains. 

What I'm trying to imply here is when choosing a head for your Automatron, choose the Robobrain head. Why? Aside from the super-effective Mesmetron attack, the Robobrain head gives your automatron extra-long engagement distance (meaning more range) and superior accuracy. So yeah, when you want an Automatron to help you in your survival journey, build a long-range shooting Automatron.

Talking about weapons, it's really a personal preference and if you have enough materials to build and rebuild if destroyed. Now to be safe, you can have the minigun and gatling laser but if you have lots of crafting materials for the unstable versions, then go get them.

For the armor of your automatron, go with hydraulic for the highest possible damage resistance but if you want it to be your mobile storage, then you can give it the voltaic armor which also gives good resistance to damage and good carry weight.

For the legs, I choose the Assaultron Legs. Why? For quickness of course. With the Assaultron Legs, your Automatron can often dodge attacks from enemies. Aside from the agility, the Assaultron Legs are more mobile and your Automatron can get pass to narrow paths easily unlike the sentry legs.

And lastly for the mods, well it's actually personal preference. 

LAST BONUS TIP: Now I know some of you will definitely have problems with leveling, and getting the perk requirements to build a power armor and automatron like mine. To resolve that problem, I suggest that you go over to my guide wherein I showed how to level up fast in survival mode.

Now for a demo, check out the video below and see how good my power armor and automatron: