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How to Get Tons of EXP & Caps in Fallout 4 Survival Mode in Just a Few Minutes

So today I will not be posting about my Fallout 4 survival adventures. Instead, I will be giving a really cool tip to you guys which will give you tons of exp and caps in survival mode easy and fast. So let's cut to any long introduction and get to the point of this post.

Survival mode at early stages is really tough and no one can argue about that. And just completing quests or scavenging the commonwealth won't be easy for your survivor. 

The exploit and its requisites

This week, I have discovered that there's a certain quest in Fallout 4 that you can exploit and get almost an unlimited supply of caps and exp in just a few minutes. I'm talking about the "Learning Curve" quest that you get from Proctor Quinlan at the Prydwen. However, I really don't advice that you take this quest as soon as the first BoS quest at the Cambridge Police Station pops up on your radio signal. At the police station, you'll encounter a bunch of really mean ferals that will obviously one hit you when you are below level 20. In addition, the Prydwen does not appear until you finally got the quest "Shadow of Steel" which I think only appears right after the Kellogg fight. All in all, I suggest that you get well-equipped first (basically level 20+) before you go and do this quest exploit.

Here's some tips before you do this quest:
  • Get atleast to level 25
  • Raise the perks Gun Nut, Gunslinger, Sneak, Mister Sandman and Bloody Mess.
  • Take a 10mm Pistol and modify it with Advanced Receiver and a Suppressor.
Yes, we'll be taking advantage of stealth here and you'll know why later.

Now how to gain unlimited exp & caps in the "Learning Curve" quest:

It's really simple and it only takes a few minutes to complete this quest. The key is to kill the Brotherhood Scribe and go back to Proctor Quinlan to claim the rewards. Here's how I do it:

First, go to Proctor Quinlan to get the "Learning Curve" Quest

Then, head over to Boston Airport to talk with the Brotherhood Scribe.

Then head back to Prydwen Main Deck. In that area, you can see two accessible rooms: One is the room of Elder Maxson and the other is Captain Kell's room. I prefer using Captain Kell's room.

Once you're in the room, it's time to kill the Scribe. But wait! Don't just go shooting like a madman! What you need to do is lure the Scribe and then close the door first (you don't want all those brotherhood of steel see that you're killing one of them), and then use your Sneak to kill the Scribe. Take note of this very important detail: YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE THAT THE "HIDDEN" PHRASE IS SHOWN BEFORE YOU START SHOOTING THE SCRIBE. And yeah, this is why I've suggested that you invest on those perks above so you could kill the Scribe in just two or 3 hits.

After that, go back to Proctor Quinlan and tell him that the Scribe was a moron or you can just tell him that he didn't make it and collect your easy 100 caps and 350+ exp! Then, rinse and repeat.

Look at this mess :P


For those who don't want to waste some ammo, I have a neat little trick in this exploit. When you're in the deck (right after you take that vertibird to travel to the Prydwen), wait for a few seconds as if you get lucky, that dumb dumb Scribe will die and a message that says "Failed: Escort the Scribe to the blah blah blah".

If you get lucky and get this message, then you just need to get to Proctor Quinlan to claim your rewards.

Last Important Note: If you want to get more exp from this exploit, try to level up your INT. 

Now I have a video below that basically shows you how I leveled up fast using this method. The video showcases the two variation of this exploit wherein I kill the scribe and the scribe dying by accident (maybe he fall while flying in that vertibird). Yes, it's some sort of a proof that this method is really working. Feel free to watch it below.