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How to Deal with Legendary Ghouls & Glowing Ones in Early Stages of Survival Mode of Fallout 4

So today, I will be discussing about how to deal Legendary Ghouls and Glowing Ones in the early stages of Fallout 4 survival mode. 

Now as you all know, enemies in survival mode are really tough and even these mindless zombies can one or two hit you in a battle. Especially the legendary ghouls and worst, the glowing ones. Now, I'm going to teach you a really basic strategy on how to kill them even when you are at low level.

Stealth is the key

The first advice is that you don't go toe-to-toe with these ghouls especially if you are low-level. Stealth is the only option you got as you don't want to alarm these creatures because when they do, they will run like they see a meaty bhramin. Some of them are even agile and will try to evade your attacks.

Another thing is that you should try to keep them silently so that you won't alarm the other ghouls around. Try to modify your guns with a suppressor as much as possible.

Now, a good thing about a stealthy approach is that you can utilize your V.A.T.S well. And yeah, when you're dealing with ghouls in survival mode, at low level, try to use your V.A.T.S as much as possible. 

The next advice I can give is that you should always try to AIM ON THEIR LEGS! Normal ghouls, feral stalkers/reavers/roamers and even glowing ones are pretty vulnerable when it comes to limb damage. In fact, even if you haven't got the perk that causes frequent limb damage, you still can cripple these creeps without any problem.

Here's a proof that you can cripple a legendary feral ghoul:

And here's a proof of a crippled Glowing One:

Bonus tip: 

At early phases of your survival journey. Bring DOGMEAT as he will be a valuable ally to you at the very beginning of your fallout 4 journey. Now I have talked about how important dogmeat is, in early stages of fallout 4 survival mode and you can check that article later here.

So that's it guys! I hope these basic tips will help you in your survival journey. If you got some time, go watch my video below which showcases my first encounter with legendary ghouls and a glowing one.