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Fallout 4 Survival Journey Day 4: Ack-Ack and her Raider Gang

Hello again guys! This is day 4 of my survival gameplay in Fallout 4. Today I'll be getting my hands full with a bunch of Raiders at USAF Satellite Station Olivia. I will be facing against Ack-Ack and her raider gangs. Now let's get into my adventure!

You will get this quest at Abernathy Farm when you approach Blake. The name of the quest is "Returning the Favor" and this quest will task you to retrieve a locket that was once belong to the daughter of Mr. Abernathy.

The location

As you can see, it's pretty close to Sanctuary Hills. And in fact, here's another fallout 4 survival tip for you: Explore the area close to Sanctuary Hills. 

Why? Based from my experience, it's really an advantage to explore the areas around Sanctuary Hills first. Right after the "Sanctuary" quest, I did not proceed on going to Diamond City as I got this feeling that the area around there will be tough. I mean, if you look at the map, Diamond City is really far and from what I've learned from every fallout games, it's better to get yourself prepared before going to far areas.

So now let's get back to the quest. So once you have the quest, DON'T GO RUSHING INTO USAF OLIVIA as you'll end up being a guy with his eyeballs and guts flying all over the place. The place seems to be quite at first glance but if you inspect it, you'll see a raider at the top just waiting for someone to ambush.

However, the raider is not really the problem here. It's the molerats! Not because they are legendaries, but because one of them carries a fragmentation mine! So yeah, rushing the facility is not an option!

My advice is to go first to Robotic Disposal Ground. Check the map below for the location.

Why? It's because you want to activate this baby:

Yes! This sentry bot will help you in this quest big time! Just get it running by accessing the terminal right inside the facility. The purpose of this sentry bot is to clean the outside threats of USAF Olivia. And then, it's your turn to loot and head inside USAF Olivia to finally face Ack-Ack and her raider gang.

Bonus tip: There's also a power armor located closely at USAF Olivia. Just check out the video below for the location.

So with the aid of the Sentry Bot and plus a bonus Power Armor, will these be enough to finish the quest? NOPE! You still can't just barge in, guns blazing! You still want to use the stealthy approach! With a Power Armor?! Well, not really. 

I suggest that you watch the video below on how I did kill Ack-Ack and her crew without them killing me first.

And yeah when I was headed back to Abernathy Farm, I have one stop over at Thicket Excation to help out this Sully Mathis get that big water pump up and running. I'm kind of wondering what is this guy up to? I mean Thicket excavation is really a big place and he was asking me to help him with activating the water pump so the water in the excavation will drain. Seriously, this guy is up to something and I'm going to find it out when the site is totally drain.

After that, head back to Abernathy Farm to claim your reward and also, you can now use Abernathy Farm workbench.

Hope you guys enjoyed my fourth adventure. I hope that you read my next adventure also wherein I'll go back to Concorde City and see if I can find something to scavenge from that large area.