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Fallout 4 Survival Journey Day 3: Rebuilding Sanctuary Hills

What's up guys! This is my third post on my fallout 4 survival journey. Hope you are all well! Now let's get started with this episode!

Today I'll be doing the quest "Sanctuary". You can get this once you tag along with Preston Garvey and his gang, and go back to Sanctuary. In Sanctuary, you will need to talk to Preston to finish "When Freedom Calls" quest and then, he will suggest that you go talk with Sturges to do some work.

Well, the quest isn't really that hard. It's like the tutorial for building a settlement in the Fallout 4. The only hard part is finding those materials needed to build the things needed to complete the quest.

The first thing that Sturges will ask is for you to build some beds.

To build one, you must enough cloth and steel. Now you can find a lot of these materials at Sanctuary Hills. Just use the workshop and scrap some items that has wood and cloth as their primary materials.

The next task that Sturges will ask you is to provide a clean water for the settlers in Sanctuary. He means two water pumps. Now this one is tricky as some of you may find the materials hard to find. 

Concrete  and Steel are pretty easy to spot. It can be found in Sanctuary by scrapping hollow blocks or even wrecked houses. While the gear is the tricky part. At first, I ended up looking for it beyond Concorde, only to find out that it can be found right inside the houses of Sanctuary. Just go look for a desk fan (I think there's a fishing rod also in one of the houses that can be scrap for gears) in one of the houses.

Bonus tip: You can also head to Red Rocket Station just across the bridge and you'll find some gears in there also. Just make sure you take the item that has the material and not scrap it. Otherwise, it will end up being stored in the Workbench at Red Rocket Station. 

After you getting those two pumps up and running, Sturges will then task you to plant some crops. Now at the back of the house where the Workbench in Sanctuary is located, there's a bunch of crops that you can harvest and plant but, these will not be enough.

What you need to do is go to Abernathy Farm and fetch some watermelons or tatos. Just go check out the map below for the location:

Just go pick some tatos or watermelons and head back to Sanctuary and plant them.

The final task that Sturges will give you is to build some defenses. Now at first I have tried building some guard posts but it didn't work. I did not complete the quest because it looks like he wanted me to build a turret.

You will have no problem finding steel but the three other materials are somehow hard to find. If you don't have Oil, then you can find these on a Used Oil Can. One can be located at one of the houses at Sanctuary and I think there's one also at Red Rocket Station. While the Circuitry can be found on a telephone which is also at Red Rocket Station.

Now that's the last part of the quest. After that, you'll be rewarded with a decent amount of EXP by Sturges. The EXP is really helpful as you get it without spending any ammo or aids fighting against enemies in the Commonwealth. And I strongly suggest you do this quest right after the Deathclaw fight.

If you want to check out how I finished this quest, then you can watch my video below. Again, thanks for you time guys and I hope you find this post useful.