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Fallout 4 Survival Journey Day 2: First Encounter with Dogmeat, Preston Garvey & his Gang, Raiders & a Deathclaw


So this is day 2 of my Fallout 4 survival gameplay guys. This time, I'll be greeting Dogmeat in Red Rocket Station and I'll end up helping Preston Garvey and his crew with their raider troubles...Oh yes one more thing. Did I mention that there's also a Deathclaw that is trying to kill me in this episode? Let's dive in to my adventures!

The last episode of my fallout 4 survival journey was back on Sanctuary wherein the last part was talking with the family's Mr. Handy- Codsworth. 

Codsworth instructed me to go to Concorde to look for someone that might help in finding Shaun. But before I visit Concorde, I have a little stopover in Red Rocket Station where I greeted the dog named Dogmeat.

Now here's a really useful tip about Dogmeat while you are in Survival mode: Did you know that you can take the Lone Wanderer Perk and still take Dogmeat with you in your journey? Yes, you can and the video below can prove it.

Note: The video above was taken when I was already level 26. Just in case you're wondering how the heck did I get that 245 carry weight when I'm only discussing episode 2 of my journey.
So as you can see, I have 245 carry weight. Originally I have 145 but because I have the Lone Wanderer perk at level 2, it gives me 100+ additional carry weight. Now that's a big help in not breaking your back!

And as you can see, when I've taken Dogmeat with me, that didn't change at all. So basically, Dogmeat and the Lone Wanderer Perk works perfectly for survival mode. Not only that you gain bonus carry weight from the perk, but you also get a mobile storage (in the form of Dogmeat) wherein you can store a few worthy items that you scavenge from the wasteland. 

Another really useful Dogmeat tip: Get Dogmeat a real nice armor and he will carry more items for you.

Warning on taking Dogmeat with you: A piece of advice though- USE DOGMEAT CAREFULLY! What I mean by this is that you should always consider when will be the proper time that Dogmeat will follow you or just stay in a place. Yes! I'm taking about giving him the proper commands. If you just let him be, then he will end up going to places where you don't want him to go or worst, he could trigger some mines or alarms that will cost you. And don't forget that Dogmeat is really squishy in Survival mode! So there's no point in making him attack a pack of raiders, or even a Mirelurk.
Now let's talk about Red Rocket Station.

This Red Rocket Station near Sanctuary Hills is the best place to setup your very own base. Well that's my opinion. In your first visit to this location, you'll encounter a bunch of Mole Rats. Yeah free meats! Just kill them quick.

And yeah, don't forget this hole right at the back of this station wherein you'll find more meat and a bunch of helpful loots that will help you in the beginning stages of survival mode.

After that, head to Concorde which is a few steps away from the station. Careful with those two Bloodbugs on the road.

Now in Concorde, You'll be facing with a bunch of Raiders. Just a piece of advice, don't go toe-to-toe with these raiders. They're mean and they can kill you with 2 to 3 shots.

Now let's cut this story short and proceed to the highlight of this adventure. The coolest part of this episode is the Deathclaw fight. 

It's kind of cool going against a Deathclaw in a Power Armor but remember, your power armor is worthless in this fight! You will get teared by the Deathclaw in Concorde easily if you just go guns blazing with it! This deathclaw is like a pro- NFL player because it can juke really well and its fast so a piece of advice, remember this building as it will save your life (or you can just see the video below later if you want to know how to kill the Deathclaw in Concorde easily):

So after the Deathclaw fight, you'll will device whether to go to Diamond City or come with Preston and his gang. My advice is to go with Preston.

If you want to check out all my day 2 fallout 4 survival adventure, then go watch the video below. Thank you for your time and may you stop by again on my third post.