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Fallout 4 Survival Journey Day 1: Getting Started

What’s up guys and welcome to my first every gamer log post wherein I’ll try to write all my journey in a game. For the first episode of my gamer log, I’ll be playing Fallout 4. So, I finally picked up this game on steam with all the DLC. Well, I don’t really want to play an unfinished game that’s why I’ve waited for all the DLC’s to be release before I play it.

So now that I have a copy of Fallout 4 + all DLC’s, I’m going to record all my journey and in the end, I’ll give my verdict whether I enjoy the game or not. A little warning though, there’s a bunch of spoilers that you might see in my Fallout 4 gamer log series, so view it at your own discretion.
How will I play Fallout 4?

I got all the DLC and I want to get the whole Fallout 4 experience. I want to experience the feeling of really surviving in a post-apocalyptic world so I chose to play in “Survival” difficulty. But before I jump into the game, I have done a little research on what will I be facing in the survival difficulty and the fallout wikia has all the info I need.

So basically in Survival:


Manual, quicksaving and autosaves are available.
Manual, quicksaving and almost all autosaves are disabled.
Fast travel
Fast travel is available.
Fast travel is disabled.
Locations of interest
Easy detection of locations of interest.
Detection of locations of interest are significantly reduced.
Location repopulation rate
Repopulate after 7 or 20 (for "[Cleared]") in-game days.
Repopulate after 35 or 80 in-game days.
Experience gain
Normal rate.
Enemies yield 2x experience.
Available perks
Adrenaline perk not readily available.
Adrenaline perk is given.
Not subject to Exhaustion, Hunger, or Thirst deprivation.
The Sole survivor is challenged to stay hydrated, fed and rested.
Not subject to Fatigue.
Subject to Fatigue.
Illness & antibiotics
Not subject to illness.
Antibiotics are needed to heal illness.
Healing Radiation
1.       No negative side effects using radaway.
2.       Refreshing beverage heals radiation damage up to 1000 rads.
1.       Use of radaway induces Fatigue and vulnerability to illness (temporary effect).
2.       Refreshing beverages heals radiation damage instantly, but only for 100 rads with no negative side effects.
Healing rates
Food, Stimpaks, and Radaway heal instantly.
Restorative items recover Hit points at a significantly reduced rate.
Crippled limbs
Crippled limbs auto-heal after combat
Crippled limbs do not auto-heal. Must be healed by a Stimpak or slept off.
Carry weight
1.       Ammunition is weightless.
2.       Not subjects to ill effects of Encumbrance
1.       Ammunition has weight
2.       Safe carry weight is significantly reduced for both Sole Survivor and companions.
3.       Encumbrance induces Fatigue and eventually crippled limbs.
If knocked unconscious, Companions will get back up after combat.
If knocked unconscious, Companions will not get back up after combat. They must be healed first, or they will return to their designated settlement. Non-NPC robot companions will instead be destroyed rather than returning to a settlement.
No limits on overall Workshop inventory capacity.
Workshop inventory capacity reduced. May affect availability of production items (food, water, etc.)


Mildly Dehydrated
Severely Dehydrated
-1 INT
-2 INT, -1 PER
-4 INT, -1 LCK, -3 PER
-8 INT, -2 LCK, -5 PER
-10 INT, -3 LCK, -7 PER, Periodic Damage
In-game (hours)
4 hours
9 hours
18 hours
30 hours
45 hours
Real-time (mins)
12 mins
27 mins
54 mins
90 mins
135 mins


-1 END
-2 CHR, -1 END
-3 CHR, -4 END, -1 LCK
-5 CHR, -8 END, -2 LCK
-5 CHR, -10 END, -3 LCK, Periodic Damage
In-game (hours)
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
36 hours
64 hours
Real-time (mins)
18 mins
36 mins
72 mins
108 mins
192 mins


-5% AP Refresh
-1 STR,
-15% AP Refresh
-1 AGI, -1 LCK, -2 STR
-30% AP Refresh
-2 AGI, -2 LCK, -4 STR,
-50% AP Refresh, Can't Sprint
-4 AGI, -3 LCK, -6 STR,
-75% AP Refresh, Can't Run
In-game (hours)
27 hours
40 hours
55 hours
69 hours
82 hours
Real-time (mins)
81 mins
120 mins
165 mins
207 mins
246 mins

My Character

So I’ll be going with the male character for my fallout 4 survival journey and, I’ve heard that he has a military background so, I decided to give him a rough-looking face.

What do you think?


At the beginning also, you’ll be allocating points in your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

I have no idea yet on what’s the best perks in the game for survival difficulty but I’m going to distribute more on luck and agility. Don’t worry as I’ll give a clearer picture about this one, once I finally get the hang of this game and once I have a good amount of experience playing survival mode.

Gamer log Day 1:

Actually, there's not much to tell in here as I assume that many of you know the story of Fallout 4 already and for those who don't, then you can just watch the video below later. My first day involves creating my character and going back home (Sanctuary Hills) right after the nuclear devastation. 

Some of the highlights in this episode are:

The big Kaboom! Man that mushroom cloud looks so glorious!

Vault 111. Wherein me and my family got frozen! Yeah! We're just bunch of turkey stacked on a fridge, waiting to be serve in holiday.

Giant roaches! So I assume first that everything I see outside are humongous, just like these roaches.

This bald guy and a person who is on a hazmat suit. Hmm. I think this bald guy is the main antagonist of Fallout 4 or, he maybe a part of a bigger organization. And why the f**k would they want my son?! 

The Pipboy. Nothing to discuss here. We all know what the pipboy does.

Post-apocalytic Sanctuary Hills. Tip: There's a lot to loot in Sanctuary. Just check out the video below for the location. I don't know if I missed a spot so please do comment if you know a location that I missed.

And Codsworth.

If you want to check out my day 1 adventure, then go watch the video below. And I hope you'll come back next time for part 2 of my Fallout 4 Survival Journey. Thanks and see you next time!